Malik the Unscathed and Iron Mantid Buff

Is it intentional that after becoming Exalted with The Klaxxi and finishing the questline, that due to the events that occur, Malik the Unscathed is no longer available and you cannot get the "Iron Mantid" buff again? This is the one buff that helps tanks in doing their dailies quite well, and could lock someone out of completing the achievement [Stay Klaxxi]. I think this is a huge oversight, and it should be made available and not stripped from players who have become Exalted, even if the necessity of the dailies isn't as huge anymore, it is sometimes all some people can do.
Game Design questions such as this are best suited for the General Discussion forum (or the Quests forum, given your question/concern). This support forum is for account support.
If you did finish the questline and need Iron Mantid, check the weapon rack next to Ambersmith Zikk.
Thank you Bargeoff <3
I'm having the same problem, i'm exalted and have been working on this achievement for some time now and can not figure out where Malik is. i checked the weapons rack, and it says to ponder the memory of Malik... no quest line starts. and i need Iron Mantid.
It's been a while since I've done it, but isn't there a little bubble next to where it says to ponder the memory of Malik once you click on the weapon? I believe that is how you get the buff.
Bargeoff, you rock, sir!
When you choose to 'ponder the memory of Malik' on the weapon rack next to Ambersmith Kikk you get the Iron Mantid buff. Thanks everyone for the help They really need to make this weapon rack more like an amber statue to honor Malik.
Thank you!!!!!

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