[A] - Mors Certa - LF DPS/Heals - 8p-11p PST

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Needs to be a link on our site for this....we are looking for good consistent raiders that show up!

apply at morscerta.com <-0-==-=-=0-=0=0=-=
We are still looking for those raiders who are consistent, keep showing up and you will have a spot.

apply at morscerta.com <=--=-=0=0=9=0=--=-=
Wondering what those people are looking for, we will kill these bosses...

apply at morscerta.com <-0-0=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Can't decide what to do next, so much to do so little time.

but apply at morscerta.com <==-=-=-=--=-=- *could* save you 15% or more off your car insurance...
We are still looking for you. I know you want to app. We raid and we kill bosses, join the team while you still can!

apply at morscerta.com <==-=-==00==-=-=-=
What to eat now, lunch time......hmmmmmm

apply at morscerta.com <-0-0=--=-=----0=-0=-0=-0
Still looking for all those DPS without a home...if you are good and also consistent look us up!

apply at morscerta.com <=-=-=-=00=-=-=-=00=0
Hope skip and a 45 minute pauses, thanks for counting...

apply at morscerta.com <--0=--=-=0==-=-=-0=0-
Weekend warriors! come look upon our splendor!

apply at morscerta.com <--=-=-0=0=-=00==--=0=0
I'm in the hood.
Bump for some DPS.
Up for raid reset. Still looking for some high end DPS that can put up the numbers.
Looking for more people.
Updated with current needs.
I have a feral druid 483 ilvl on your server currently on this toon im:
MSV 6/6 2/6H
HoF 4/6
ToES 4/4
Send me a Batttle.net ID request or you can send Zero (Soundcheck, Zeroillz, Foreverzero) a message in game and we can talk about your Druid.
482ilvl solid rogue,8 years raiding experience

ex-R1 S2 Gladiator, Lieutenant General - I know my class blind folded.

I am a solid player and dedicated team player always expanding my knowledge of my class and on progression. Looking for a later raiding guild 8pm server+

Willing to faction change and run LFR trial's to prove knowledge and skill of encounters.

I would love to join a team that is progressing with results.

- Whisper@KJ

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