Rate the transmog of the mage above you.

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8/10 I might have gone higher if you were arcane. Being fire myself, I went all out... even my hair is supposed to look like fire.
7/10 Not bad but i see your Fire Mage x-mog with one of my own!
I like the set mixed with that helm. 8/10

I just switch between T4 and T5 cause I loved that part of BC, Sunwell was awesome but the art was horrible imo
really simple but awesome 8/10
7/10. Good set, one of my least favs
02/10/2013 11:05 PMPosted by Saydat
7/10 Not bad but i see your Fire Mage x-mog with one of my own!
Really? An orc mage without his guns showing?? If you could get that in a sleeveless model, I'd give you 10/10.

Sorry, orc males look silly wearing sleeves to me. Tauren and draenei, too.
7/10 Those shoulders don't even look like they're on your body. Everything else looks great.
9/10 Nice look just wish the shoulders stood out more. Maybe it's the stance?
Vestia's Pauldrons of Inner Grace

They're actually quite distinctive, but yeah, the pose sadly masks their appearance.

9/10, love that headpiece!
not bad
i have one for my mage, sadly its only level 25 atm and the gear needed for it is lv 70-80(i have a screen shot thanks to atlasloot but i don't know how to get it on the forums)
@ Tredik

7/10. Looks good. Colors look uniform.

Just one problem with it really.... I'm not sure you're actually a mage.
lol, i want to put what im going to do for my mage but i dont know how to post a SS...
Digging the golden look! 9/10.

Shoes look a little out of place though.
I always liked the brutal glad set. 9/10.
Decent, don't like the helmet tho :p 7/10
^ 6/10
Loving the look! 8/10. Not really digging the helm though

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