Rate the transmog of the mage above you.

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one can only grant 6/10 because it's not the heroic version.
@ Glacios 9/10 I like the t5/Medivh type set you've got goin on and it works well with the fire spec
Love the blue theme you've got going on with the spikey shoulders!


Skip me. I have no theme currently.
Hakuren.. Nice shoulder and robe, looks perfect for a troll Mage..
Alagosion... Looks nice. 8/10
Sorta got this whole Orc Borg thing going on, 10/10
It's a nice set, but you do look like a priest. And it would fit better in an Arcane mage, and you are fire.
Heh, first a 5/10 for being "not bad" and now 6/10 for wearing a priesty transmog for an arcane mage (despite that being my secondary spec). Guess everyone's in a sour mood because of 5.2?

9/10 clean look, nice complementary colors, just hate the floating shoulders.
The priest tier 2 recolored set. Fits nicely on female blood elves. 8/10.

Also mine is not finished, still need the staff from Anetheron in the Hyjal raid.
9/10 You look like an Undead druid and it's pretty original if you ask me. I wanna see a helm though.
10/10 your transmorg goes pretty well with your spec.
10/10 I just love the color combo and your hair looks great with it!
8/10. You look more like a Lich / Warlock than a mage but still awesome.
but but.....fear my frosty mog Y.Y
I didn't say it was bad =p
02/20/2013 09:40 AMPosted by Snowflayke
I didn't say it was bad =p

7/10. The Illidari tabard is really throwing me off, but I love the Tirisfal set. (I only recently changed away from it myself, just with a fire crown from BRD)

Ignore my belt, still the Tirisfal match. I haven't found a good one for this setup yet.

Edit, crap, can't see the staff, and the battle.net screenshot is the wrong color. http://www.wowhead.com/item=86335

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