Rate the transmog of the mage above you.

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You didnt even try! missing belt! 6/10
Too much pink. I like mine. Its distracting.
I am a Cubs fan
Your transmog is pretty skimp
My threads are the best
Ax, not sure what the look you were going for was, but you do look pretty tough. 7/10 mostly cuz your a Cubs fan. :) (Sf Giants all the way).
I like it, but I assume that's for your fire spec?

10/10, nice combo, been tryna farm the crap outta that boss.. :( for the crown
I am a Cubs fan
Your transmog is pretty skimp
My threads are the best

Go Cubs, go!

@Kirin, not bad. 8/10
Yes Adum, sadly I don't have a decent arcane set. I can't decide what the best look is on fire.
^ nice! 10/10
Not bad at all, 8/10, I like how the Hood goes right into the cape. Great color matching
@ Blinx you are color blind.....Anyway change gloves and belt alot of matching things
Chalk looks nice. Maybe pick up some tips from her? 5/10
Kirin awesome sauce10/10
Hakuren very nice never seen it on my realm 10/10
Liking where you're headed. Does the alliance have access to any tabards like Org's or Silvermoon? Would look great on your setup. 9/10

Having trouble finding a nice black tabard myself. And a belt. lol
Love the warlock shoulders 8/10!!
I think ill use the iron forge tab hakuren
I REALLY wish that hat were a bit more red and less orange. :( I keep trying to find a good Xmog for it and can't quite get the colors to match. a worthy attempt though Wellas. 7.5/10


Nice. Unified look and matching colors. Not super-common. Looks good on gnome.
9/10 Arcane Priest
03/04/2013 07:31 PMPosted by Ledes
9/10 Arcane Priest

I've always loved that set. 9/10

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