Rate the transmog of the mage above you.

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Love the look not sure about the helm... 9/10
@ Spells
Im pretty set on Fire set - Red or Blue I dig it 9/10
not too shabby on the mix and match... looks fresh
I don't like when people use tier sets, overused and no creativity.

Still, looks solid. 7/10.

I'm going to get a 1/10 because my tabard isn't showing. But with the Thrallmar Tabard.... MMM MMM

5/10 - Sorry, I see a belly dancer and not a mage. Also I hate revealing gear.
8/10 I really love that helm.

I have a horrible armory pose, so please be kind.


Nikkytta, I think you look beautiful 9/10
3/10, set isn't bad, but EVERYTHING looks bad on pandas.
I've been looking for a cool transmog, this might be a good place to check out what other mages are rocking out :)



I love majority of this look, I just always like the idea of mages rocking the skirts :D mwahhaha
@ Unotouchi

7/10 =D
Like the look, very Frost Mage.

Erm, nice hat


I actually havent seen that b4. Rock on Kate! 9/10
i tried with what i could find in the AH. i think its pretty cool considering i didnt go out of my way to get it. etc

i like your deep blue color thats for sure ^
8/10. Love the helm and 'stache even though I'm not a gnome fan.
the armory doesn't do it justice. i promise i look cooler in game.. :)

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