Rate the transmog of the mage above you.

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8/10 - the helm doesn't look like it quite matches the rest of the outfit.

I like it overall, the spikey shoulders aren't really my thing. Otherwise it's cool.

Mine is not a set really, just some stuff I put together that I liked. My shoulders I'm not crazy about, but haven't found anything I like better.
not sure whats happening there

keep truckin broski
8/10 Matches well, not really sure it suits a mage though.

My tabard or weapon doesn't show in the armory for some reason.

I was going for the red, fiery look because I am a fire mage :D
7/10 pretty good
am planing something look like Raiden from mortal combat - very minimal :)
11/05/2012 03:21 AMPosted by Erro
am planing something look like Raiden from mortal combat - very minimal :)

5/10. You looked like you belong in a circus, and not just because of panda.
I know sets require 0 creativity but I love T5 and it was my favorite point in the game aside from Sunwell which is my other transmog set. Now casually retired it gives some sense of nostalgia of the old times

And 8/10 for above me I really like the look
@Deragous - 9/10. Mage T5 is one of our best looking sets.

@Plasmaz - 20/10. AWESOME!!! I always thought sanctified bloodmage set was the best looking mage set ever, except for the helm. The alternate helm you found from TK goes great. PERFECT! /envy
i like it :) 8/10

havent been able to find a transmog i like more than t11, i also prefer the blue look of the normal set over the heroic version.
9/10.... To many mages have the blue set though =)
Gnomes are friendly and outgoing, but I don't think that they'd go out of their way to wear clothes that make them look powerful/evil. They like gadgets, sure, but they're a practical people.

I've had some call this transmog boring (it's very simple-looking to be sure), others think it's inspired to make a Gnome who actually looks 'normal' and not like some crazy mad scientist. I used a swashbuckler/adventurer-inspired (not pirate) theme and aimed for a 'practical' look.
8/10, kind of plain but still neat
10/10 for the shoulders alone.

Mine matches my mount (Phoenix off of heroic ragnaros)
Good looking mpg I just don't like that helm. 7/10
Put a little bit of effort into this set I just made up.
These shoulders make me play this toon
Ill have to admit I usually dont rate very high on these but I love your set 10/10
...It's okay, for an undead.

But undead don't really now how to look fabulous, i suppose.
@monical: Nothing matches, nothing at all. 1/10

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