[H] Team Carry is Recruiting for 10s! 4/6

Team Carry is a 10m Raiding Guild on Horde that Currently Raid's on 8-11 Est Tues and Fridays (Monday is ( optional for us if we need more time on progression).We Are Currently 4/6N MV.We hope to tackle the future t14 content to come.

--(H)= high (M) - Medium- (L) low ---
We are currently looking for exceptional raiders of the following roles:
Hunter (M)
Shaman (H) ele,Resto
Warlock (M)
Mage (H)
Monk : (M) healer

<Team Carry> Was Formed on May 23rd of 2012 with a Few friends in the area Who Decided to Begin Raiding Again in the 10m content. We Started Kinda Late During Cataclysm but Look To Raid around the Semi hardcore side. It started out As We got Tired of all the Elitist Guilds in wow So we Started Teamcarry in Hopes of a Friendly yet progressive Raiding Enviorment.

For The Current Exspansion(Mop) <Team Carry> is Looking to Tackle As much Content As we Can with our Schedule That is Currently Tues And Fridays 8-11 Est.We Don't Believe you Need to Raid 6-7 Days a week and 5 hours a Night to Progress however We Arent the TOP guild to be able to Achieve Server firsts. We Want to Recruit players who Have the Same Mentality as us that Wanna Progress and have fun at the same time .

If ur Interested in Being a part of Team Carry to Be a Casual Member just contact one of our Members ..
or If ur looking to Raid with us and wanna be a part. Contact Heilen for Questions or Apply @

If im not online email me at tcguild12@gmail.com
Bump! lf ranged dps -- as stated above!
LF ranged for raid spots yo!
Lf Ranged !
Bump, possible need for healer !!.. pst me for info if interested!!.
,,Tc is in need of a Monk or shaman or pally healer,.. Also need 1-2 dps.. pst for info !!
hello turalyonites

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