<Seriously Casual> 25-man Recruitment Thread

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Did some 25h heroic PTR testing today w/ Midwinter and Reckoning, raid in just over an hour!
Raiding now!
The Thunder King comes
03/01/2013 10:01 AMPosted by Digerati
The Thunder King comes

Darn, I'd prefer the Thundercats.
I wish it'd get renewed but the hiatus after episode 13 killed it, along with it being another one of those shows that needed a certain amount of toy sales, which it failed to meet
Good afternoon Sargeras.

Sunburn vs MSV ETA 6 hours.
I'm on team MSV.
thundercats anime style was dumb

gargoyles anime style though...
biker mice from mars anime style
needs updated, some openings filled
Sunburn has vanquished Sha of Fear, tier is over, bring on 5.2
5.2: 2 days remain. App now!
2 boomkin openings and 1 lock opening

Also, thanks to whichever mod followed up on my report to unsticky the out of date guild listing (we all use Wowprogress or have our individual recruitment threads anyway =p) More thread space!
Title update.
They won't sticky the Kursed thread.
Wonder why
1 day
Until a 24 hours maintenance.

Guild meeting tonight, taking suggestions where to congregate

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