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Basically I had a sum of money on an account that I wished to transfer to my new account on another realm. I searched the internet for hours trying to find a way to transfer gold realm to realm, with no luck. This occurred a few months ago (prior to MoP patch), however, I managed to find a way to exploit "binds-to-account" battle pets, in order to transfer money.

Now, I know there is most likely people who have already discovered this method, and there are probably already posts detailing how to do this, but to be honest I cbf searching the forums to see if there are any, so don't flame me about trying to claim the discovery. This is how I did it:

1) go to your local AH on the account that you wish transfer gold from
2) look at all the listings of battle pets (I chose a crimson whelping as my gold vessel, as it is typically a sought after pet, and usually sells quickly)
3) buy the pet (I bought my whelping for around 7k), and put it into your pet journal
4) go on your other account (the one that is on the other realm that you wish to transfer the fund to) and use the "put in cage" option on your new pet (in my case, the whelpling)
5) you should now be able to sell the whelping on your new account ( I sold my whelpling the next day on the AH for 9k, a tasty profit if I do say so myself.

Now as you all know, prices vary from realm to realm, so you should make sure that you are investing in a pet that has a stable value on both realms, whelplings are my weapon of choice. However, these baby dragons typically cost upwards of 5k (depending on street prices) so you may have to invest in other pets (or multiple pets) for your transfer to be successful. Any further questions, just ask.

Thank you for your time, and have a good day :)
Quite a few of us have recognized this ever since they announced how account-wide pets were going to work ;)

In addition, it doesn't actually damage server economies (although the theory that explains why is quite convoluted and I don't really want to overfill this reply by repeating it here) in the same way as being able to actually transfer the gold would.

(The short version being, you're not transferring any gold at all, you're just transferring an item for sale that has no intrinsic value anyway and the gold always stays in the relevant server economies)
Thanks for your reply :)

I failed to mention how it doesn't actually damage server economy, I was just interested in moving gold from one account to the other (even if it is through an item that has no intrinsic value). Quite a nice method Nonetheless!

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