<Detramental> 7/16H LF Ele, Hunter, Mage

<Detramental> is recruiting for our 10 man group, currently 5/6H in Mogu'shan Vaults, 2/6H in Heart of Fear, and 4/4 in Terrace.

We are a weekend raiding guild on Thrall looking to strengthen our roster for pushing progression. We recently converted from a 25 man to 10 man raiding group and have climbed the progression ladder rapidly since. Our healers and DPS consistently parse in the WoL rankings. We have fun raiding together and we always try to push ourselves to be better.

Unfortunately progression has been slightly hindered due to attendance, and thus why we need you!

We are currently looking for:
-Ele Shaman (Resto OS Pref)

All Exceptional DPS

Having knowledge and ability to play your offspecs is a huge bonus. We require a recent WoL parse for our recruits, if you don't have one, get one in a pug, lfr, etc.

Our raid schedule:
Saturday - 5pm-9pm EST server time
Sunday - 5pm-9pm EST Server time


If you are interested in a fun and challenging raiding and wanting to push progression in Mists of Pandaria this is the place for you! Visit the website or find Pebble or Trurin in game for more information!
LF Ele Shaman & Hunter!

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