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Speaking of creepy friends who live in the shadows...

Hi Tekk!!!
I dont know who you are, but i can tell you this. I dont have money, but what i do have is a set of skills. Skills gained over a long carrer. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. Join our guild, and that will be the end of it. I will not hunt you, I will not persue you. Refuse, and i will hunt you. I will persue you. And I will troll you.
Oh god, Tyre.
We've got dumplingsh and cookiesh!
I think Raven's been at the dwarf spirits again...
What does it take to find a decent shadow priest these days....
Normally an offering of no less than twelve Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and 2 grams of bolivian marching powder ( Not entirely sure what that is or why the priest was asking me for it).
Someone (ranged dps) come take these caeks away from me.

Hi, Liopleurodon here with another fantastic guild.
If you're like other WoW players, you love to raid. But you hate all those terrible blood stains in your underwear.

Now there is a guild that will clear heroic raids before the blood stains caused by raiding set in on your underwear, Ouroboros!

Stop buying new underwear every time a new raid is released, that can cost you thousands. Apply today and start saving!
if you havin dps problems i feel bad bad for you son,
i got like 25 ish raiders and melee are a bunch so wtb ranged
The things I see when I hop through at 3am...

Quint, prepare the bear traps. We're going ranged hunting. While you're at it, don't forget the s'mores. Oh, and send for the hunters.
When it comes to DPS, 4/5 Dentists agree, range matters.
477 feral LF a more consistent raid position, very interested

sent battle tag requests

What this thread needs is s'mores.

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