Fix the Wu Kao Assassin Dailies

  • Everything Hits too hard.
  • Our companions are less than useless (useless + get in the way and aggro stuff)
  • The same 4 or so greater Sra'thiks are always bugged.
  • There aren't enough greater Sra'thiks, so we fly around forever (fixing the bugged ones may solve this)
  • The Willbreakers cast fear too often.
  • Caustic Spray hits hard enough without applying a DoT too.
I only just started doing Shado-pan dailies, so I don't know if the 10/25 hotfix actually changed anything, but if there were any improvements I can't imagine how bad it was before.

As of right now, they are the worst quests that have EVER existed in WoW. No exaggeration. They blow Ogri'la away.
Well the greater Sra'thiks no longer get tapped, so that helps :)
The fear is pretty annoying, especially since they seem to cast it so often that you end up running into other mobs which then fear you and then you pull the Sra'thiks out of their tiny little box and they reset. The fact that your companions for the most part seem programmed to behave like morons doesn't help much. If these guys are the last line of defense for Pandaria, they are so screwed.
Sorry if I'm necroing this thread (did a google search and this came up) but I have to agree about the companions being useless... the only thing that they can do well is manage to aggro at least one extra group every pull.

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