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Wyrmrest Accord
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Guild Leaders: Vancely and Overrlord
Guild Level: 1 (Freshly made)
Further Info: Heavy alliance RP guild. All race, all classes, all levels. Mature RPers. Basis is that Lordenshire is an island being governed by Vance and the Overlord, ruling with a unique rule-set and a lot of Freedom. G-chat for OOC, O-chat for IC. Room for military, tavern, small town, and family RP all rolled into one!
Guild Leader: Aevaresto

Co-leader/ contact: Erannis

Guild Lvl: 12

Further info:
Alliance RP guild, Races :Human, Queldorei and half elf (for now); Classes: Paladins (although others might be taken into consideration.) Check forum for more info.
<Under vows of neutrality and promise to serve as a shield and blade between political evil and their victims; Light wielders were hand chosen and further trained. When ready, were given proper armor to match their new station, and a Sacred Mask to protect their identity.>

Forum link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8796520922

Alignment: Lawful good.

Eya Ded~

Recently made the big switch to my monk :o. Mind changing ours up? (Lilynaria)

The Wandering Lantern
Guild Leader: Lilynaria (Co-GM: Vairikor)

Thanks so much! <33
Guild Leaders: Miralath
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: RP guild focused on storytelling and creation of realistic characters and plots. Members can start whatever they like, as long as it is lore abiding, and invite those in and out of guild to participate.
Website: overture.guildlaunch.com
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8796361343?page=1#0
<the Gobshark Cartel>
Guild Leaders: Flyynt
Guild Level: Newly started
Further Info: RP guild focused on IC Mafia-like RP. OOCly we try to control AH markets to prevent overpricing or underpricing on gathered materials.
Website: N/A
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8873728393
Conclave of Benediction
Guild Leaders: Lonuul
Guild Level: 8
Further Info: Medium RP good-aligned guild focused on in-character runs in old content dungeons/raids. Members are encouraged to create their own events and create their own storylines.
Website: http://conclaveofbenediction.enjin.com
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8875008001?page=1#0
Ignis Divine
Guild Leaders: Janith, Vaande, Hazzax
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: Heavy RP guild based on being a flying circus/secretive merc group, with a goal of casual progression raiding.
Website: ignisdivine.enjin.com
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8796520126
Cursed Legacy is level 18 now my good sir! *Thumbs up*
Guild Leaders: Sybere and Achedia
Guild level: 5
Further info: Medium RP guild full of mercenaries and bounty hunters.
Website: www.southgate.shivtr.com (Still in the works)
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9164977583
Hi Dedren, figure we should get listed as our recruitment is open :)

We are a Horde all-race guild of neutral alignment. (That includes neutral toward the Alliance as well, though I don't know if that's what you meant!)

Guild leaders: Raleth, Aeramin, Kestrae
Guild level: 22
Further info: An organization of mages (and "mages") and their associates. Small family-style guild with a focus on character development and on-going storylines. We have been playing and writing together for more than 2 years.
Website: None yet
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8796592153
Please remove The Blackmarket Cartel; we seem to have fallen apart with Salsbury's leave.
For Horde - General listing

Invictus Conventus
Guild Leader: Kithhurrn (Kithhurrn#1180); Officers: Onorah (Grimur#1259), Kryssala (Kryssala#1888), Skyewise (RedWolf#1214)
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: Adult group. Non RP guild, however we do not discourage RP and if someone would care to organize events that would be great ;p. Alt friendly as well. Casual raiding of current content along with running old content for achieves, transmog items, etc.
Website: ...http://invictusconventus.guildlaunch.com/
Forum Page: ...
Fist of the Horde

Guild Leaders: Nezzok/Zalilirah and Ammaelin/Dinthoqaf (Ethur#1811)
Guild Level: 11
Further Info: Med/heavy RP/W-PvP Guild. Open to all forms of gameplay; PvE (Dungeons and Raids), Pvp (World, Arenas and BG's) and most certainly RP. We also do our best to help members in Xmog runs for acquiring that perfect RP outfit. Warning, our OoC can be a bit raunchy and certainly isn't for the weak of stomach or easily offended.

RP info: The Fist is a Military Vigilante organization that makes it a point to further The Hordes strength by allocating Supplies/Resources, Training for who wish/require it, and making a point to stand against ALL of the hordes enemies, both Inside and Out.

Website: http://www.fistofthehorde.proboards.com/

P.S. We are VERY Much alive and kicking. We are currently rebuilding our ranks after being away for several years. Officer Positions are available.
Could you please add our guild as well?

Guild Leader: Dekeam
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: Horde-side RP guild, with raid team. Militia based backstory.
Website: http://www.shadowhaven.shivtr.com/
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8756445585
Could you add my guild to the list please?

Bloodfury Warband
Guild Leader: Dargaroth
Guild Level: 25

Further Info: Horde-Side RP-PvP Guild. RBG Teams, Random BGs often, Transmog Runs, and of course, lots of RP. Open to all types of players, from casual PvE players, PvPers and Roleplayers, to avid PvPers, and normal/heavy Roleplayers. New players are also welcome! Levels 20+ are welcome.

RP Info: The Warchief calls, will you answer? We are a Hellscream Loyalist guild. Military-ish. All races but Forsaken and Trolls are welcome. (Trolls and Forsaken may join as OOC members for PvP / Other things, however). We are a force built up of mainly Kor'kron, Kor'kron Loyalists, Veterans of many wars, and outright butt-kicking soldiers. Do you seek to serve Hellscream's Horde? Join us and achieve victory for the true Horde!

Website: Bloodfurywarband.shivtr.com
Forum Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7593402824

Other notes: We are a friendly bunch of mature people. Guild chat may offend some users; we are not for the easily offended.
EDIT: Guild is disbanded and site scheduled for deletion due to lack of interested response. TY .
House Dawnfury is a new, medium-RP guild focused around the traditional Sin'dorei noble House.

Name: House Dawnfury
Leader: Nasriavis
Level: 1

Info: Casual to Medium RP, Dungeons, leveling, a all-around good place to hang out and meet new folks.

RP Info: Beginning as a Farstrider House, House Dawnfury has withstood multiple trials since the coming of the Lich King. Being one of the first Houses to heed the call to Northrend, it's Matriarch went there, leaving her position in the House behind in the hands of Nasriavis, her nephew, as steward of the House. The will of the Matriarch was that the House was to be handed over to her son, Iralius, when he decided that he would no longer be a Blood Knight.

Nasriavis and Iralius struck an agreement when the House became shattered with the lack of growth. Nasriavis agreed to re-instate Iralius as heir to the House, and Nasriavis would take over as Patriarch since the mother was no longer serving the House and there were no other family members to lay claim.

House Dawnfury will, once again, rise to the task of traditional Sin'dorei nobility.

Careers within the House:
Noble Vangard - Those of the Guard who have proven to be upstanding, loyal, dedicated people.

Guard - Those responsible for the overall security within the House and from threats from the outside.

Diplomat - Are you good with words? A unique problem-solving mind? Perhaps you just like to meet dignitaries and diplomats from others clans, Houses, and guilds? This would be your spot!

Spy - The name says it all.

Assassin - A Sin'dorei House with assassins? Say it ain't so!

Servant - Naturally, with the easiest rank comes the lowest amount of responsibility.

Initiate - A 1-week trial is required to join, just to make sure you fit well with us, and us with you!

OOC Note: This is a traditional Sin'dorei House...thus other Horde races will not be accepted.
Vanitas is a level 25 guild now, my good sir!
We love our lions too. :3
The Wandering Lantern

*New GM: Rholynd

Nomi and Vair stepped down.

Thanks! :-)
Hey there! I -love- this forum, so I was hoping if you could add us on there!

Guild Name: The Order of Goldrinn
Guild Leader: Esmond
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: We are a Gilnean high society guild, but also have many characters with us that are lower class as well. We only are accepting Humans or Worgen. We do weekly events as of the date of this post are on the road on a campaign to Gilneas! Our Travel RP is a big factor of our guild too.
Website: http://orderofgoldrinn.shivtr.com/
Forum page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7004012252?page=16

Thanks in advance!

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