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*Walks in with his abdomen cocooned in duct tape*
I tried to sticky this again but it wouldn't let me, then I tried using duct tape and I ended up like this.
Bump! Requested sticky!!
Changes in my guild becuase I recently got ahold of a higher level guild and renamed it.

The Kaldorei Resistance
Guild Leader: Moonknyght. Officers: Raikys, Maelyr
Guild Level: 19
Further info: ...
Website: http://kaldoreiresistance.shivtr.com/
Forum Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6933306484?page=1
I suppose I should put my alliance guild I started.

SI Seven
Guild Leader: Goldenshiv
Guild Level: 1
Further info: An espionage rp guild, SI:7 rp and events around this.
Requirements: Rogues preferred, any class welcome provided they have a reason to join SI:7

I'll keep bumping and encouraging people to request a sticky.

Also, I'll look at who I have Horde side, and pass them to you. Shadowtusk Clan is one, let me ask Rengi for the specifics, and I'll come back here tonight. And Grey Legion, led by Phasm.

Put in listings for <Shadowtusk Clan> and <The Grey Legion>, however tGL only has basic info.
Ghostwolf Clan
Guild Leader: Rukkha
Guild Level:20
Further info: pre-horde values Orc Clan Heavy RP guild,
Website: http://ghostwolfclan.shivtr.com/
Forum Page:
The Jadepaw Dynasty
Guild Leader: Kyomi
Guild Level: 4
Further info: Heavy RP Pandaren Guild
Website: Thejadepawdynasty.shivtr.com
Listings? Guild listings? BARK BARK BARK SSC? BARK BARK BARK.

Kidding or... whatever that was aside... Don't ask me. I don't know. Blame the Worgen in me...

ANYWAYS, Could we get Sable Sun Company on that list? At all? Maybe? >_> Please? I can offer any and all information that would be needed for it!
Bump and sticky requested!
Doggie biscuits are in the panty, luckily you have opposable thumbs. Don't eat to many and spoil your dinner.

Thanks for starting this up Dedren!

Azeroth Archives
Guild Leader: Kalliana
Guild Level: 17
Further Info: A Museum of rare and time lost artifacts. A guild for Collectors, RPers and more.
Website: http://azerotharchives.shivtr.com/
Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794832562
You're very welcome, and up you go, Sef.

Little bit of an info change ^-^

Guild Leader: Novayriel (Co-GMs: Bronzestout, Harnadel)
Further Info: Laid back w/an open storyline (multiple storylines within)
Website: http://goldkeg.shivtr.com/
The Vanguard
Guild Leader: Nathaen
Guild Level: 25
Further info: Political/Military RP based on fallen nations and areas; Progression PvE and world RPPvP events.
Website: www.vanguardwra.tk
Forum Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7004035127

Would be awesome if you could add us! <3
Wai no Recidivus? :I
Been needing to get updated guild site on the forums. Thank you for dedicating your time to throw this all together. :)

The Brotherhood of Iron
Guild Leaders: Morashtak, Adalbjorg
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: The guild mission is to defend Dwarven lands and the kin of the earth.
Based out of Ironforge, defense of the home capital takes priority over Alliance territories.
In the guild Dwarves of every clan are united equally under the Council of Three Hammer's banner.
The guild is RP centric but dabbles in a bit of everything. General guild information can be found in our guild forums.
Website: http://tboiwa.shivtr.com/
Restrictions: Dwarf only guild

Edit: Requirement? Restrictions? :P
Standing on a glittering stage, Sals is there, holding a microphone and wearing a snazzy, sparkling suit. Flanked by dancing men and women of both Horde and Alliance, he steps forward.

A show of applause for those wonderful Break dancers! *sounds of cheering, Lok'tars and hails, and applause* thanks for that. Ain't they wonderful, folks?

Let me be serious now folks. I want to thank you all for supporting this cause and coming out. Your donations are being well spent, and we humbly ask for more. You see, every day someone new, a lone and scared individual looking for rp, comes to Wyrmrest Accord. All they want is love, and rp. However, due to lack of previous budgets, there isn't a thread directing them to guilds. Loving guilds who will give these new players a warm home. I beseech you, dig deep and donate stickies. That's right, stickies. We need to make sure the WRA RP guild directory foundation can support these fine, new players. So please, donate now.

Moar Stickies.

Cue sappy music, followed by a montage of sad, rper's faces.
Hey, I want to add the website to the Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers listing.


I would also like it added that we are a Pirate themed roleplaying guild. They can see that on the thread I created, and on the website of course, but it's still good to have in the further info area.
Helpful Bump! I wish you could do more than one sticky to get their attention :s

oh also quick info change for The Silent Creed

Guild Leader is Rubymae

Tonight we will be promoting the officers so other contact information to come.

Thanks :)

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