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11/06/2012 09:44 PMPosted by Burnide
Wai no Recidivus? :I

Yup, there sure is a Recidivus listing in there. In the general listings, about halfway down.

Thanks again all for the 'Bumps' and Sticky requests.

And everything above this should now be updated. Let me know if I missed anything.

Also, if you think your Guild has been miss-categorized, let me know.
FHT has a new recruitment thread! :)


We're technically a Goblin guild but as we do accept other races general Horde prolly suits us fine. Your call on that.
11/08/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Dedren
Wai no Recidivus? :I

Yup, there sure is a Recidivus listing in there. In the general listings, about halfway down.

Please excuse Burnide, he was too busy being stars to notice our listing.

Heh, no worries at all, Vandy.

Updated your "Forum Page" link, Roulette. If you do have a category preference, then it's no problem to switch it up. If the General listing works for you, then you're welcome to have your advert stay there.
I was just trying to make the best determination I could, based on the info in everyone's Forum Pages.
Ran into the "You've reached the maximum character allowance" error again and had to start splitting stuff up.
Bumpity, first page yo.
Hey, thanks for putting us up on there!
I think, though, that we would be better catagorized under race-specific. While we do accept other races, virtually all of our RP revolves around the fallen human nations and the politics of such.

Thanks again for doing this!
Vanguard under Race Specific, sure thing, Nathaen.
Thank you for updating the information Dedren!
A bump while I continue to guild search and another sticky request~
Bumping this to help those searching for a home.
Don't forget to request sticky!
I hate to bother you Dedren and you know I appreciate all your doing here but my guild is a race specific. So it will be like this:

Kaldorei Resistance
Guild Leader: Moonknyght. Officers: Raikys, Maelyr, Larafaye
Guild Level: 21
Further info: Night Elf only. All classes of Night Elf's accepted. Med-Heavy RP guild
Website: http://kaldoreiresistance.shivtr.com/
Forum Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6933306484?page=1
Heyo! I have an updated forum page for TBoI!


More stickies!
Heya Moon, it's no bother at all. Into the Race specific category you go.

And consider TBoI updated.
Thank you, Dedren! You're awesome for putting this together!

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