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Same, my goal is 400 so I can get Venus. Please, oh please, let it eat critters.
Bumping this for the evening crowd even though I won't be in the game until later!
Bamp. Have to remember to join when I get home!
Not sure how many of you drop by the Pet Battles forum, but one of the regulars put together a very useful website:

When you load your pet list, you'll be able to see which Breed ID each of your pets has, and what stats they will have at 25. Also, there is a tab on the side which shows all the possible Breed IDs for each pet type, with corresponding stat distributions. That way, you can establish if you got the best rare possible or if you should hunt for a different one.

For the most part, it doesn't matter what breed IDs you have, since you're not going to use all your wild pets. However, if you're planning on bringing wild pets on your main teams, it's good to check out their stat distribution.
Heh, think I may join the channel on both sides.

Mogoll will be so pleased. (Rolls his eyes at the fat Tauren Druid living miles away from him)
Same, my goal is 400 so I can get Venus. Please, oh please, let it eat critters.

victreebel lol
Very cool site, Iriaal! I need to visit the Pet Battle forums more often. I've been more focused on collecting than using the little buggers!

Linking up Ninwyn's tips thread here:

Lots of great pet people here on MG!
I'll have to join! Up to 368 right now, and still more to collect. I don't try for rare quality, unless there's a lot of them in an area. Mostly just happy to get the pet itself, so I can get the achievements.
Took me 2+ hours for a rare Ruby Sapling.

Where is my life going?
Took me 2+ hours for a rare Ruby Sapling.

Where is my life going?

Into the Abyss with the rest of us.

This is why we have to stick together.
Hey, pet collectors!

Today's topic is: What pet would you just love to collect that isn't currently in the game?

For me, it's definitely the corgi that they teased us with last Winter Veil in the yeti cave. After we didn't get it as a Christmas present, I was so hoping that they would let us have it for the London Olympics or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Alas, we're coming up on a year and we still don't have our corgi!

At least I have my own corgi, Mollie, here at home with me!
Am I allowed to say Baby Blizzard Bear?

Was removed before I even started.
Not sure if there's even a look-alike model but bears are a huge thing in my family.
Sure, I guess I'll allow it, but I was thinking more about pets that haven't ever been in the game, or just new/unique ones we'd love to see implemented!

Surely there's a pet you'd love to have that isn't in the game (yet)!
Oh oh oh! Pet Void walking!

... Why ARE they could void walkers when they don't have feet?

I need to think up better pets that I wish were added.
I want a baby Spirit Beast that looks like Magria or Banthalos.

11/04/2012 11:51 AMPosted by Aelakor
Am I allowed to say Baby Blizzard Bear?

I read that as Baby Blizzard Beer.


11/04/2012 12:52 PMPosted by Keinis
... Why ARE they could void walkers when they don't have feet?

Maybe they have itty bitty feet at the tip of those...cone things...they have. Like maybe a size 0.125.
11/05/2012 05:51 AMPosted by Xiaoqing
How hard is it to beat all the Pandaria trainers?

Pretty tough, but manageable. For one, they all have Epic quality pets--with the exception of the very last one you have to beat, who has Legendary quality pets.

I managed to deal with them using a team of Voodoo Figurine, Personal World Destroyer and a rare Snake. Since the first two can rez themselves following a death and the World Destroyer can either heal himself or charge up 1 round for a potential one-shot attack, it pretty much fell into a sort of DPS race for me. The Snake is there for DPS, a DoT and speed, plus [Burrow] can mitigate some of the harder-hitting attacks.

Also worth mentioning is that the Voodoo Figurine has two DoT attacks. What I did was to stack those on top of each other and then use Dark Simulacrum to copy an enemy move.

The very last Pandaria trainer uses a Cloud Serpent pet that always opens up with a pretty devastating version of [Call Lightning] that can one-shot most pets, however. I recommend a Mechanical to absorb that blow, and a Flying-type pet to deal with her Water Skimmer.
I am so not looking forward to the Pandaria tamers! I'm an excellent collector, but not so great in battle.

I had a topic for the day, but I forgot it. =(
Come join us on the H-side channel for the nightly weather report with the lovely Gryzor!

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