Warcouncil!! (one race guilds)

Wyrmrest Accord
That's what makes it so hot and dirty.
11/06/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Aerstole
I have an great plot line evolving and am looking for long time rp friends and allies to bring the one race "guilds" together and create a true and interesting brotherhood between races with events and activities that could evolve into so much.

But this would go against their doctrine.

Doctrine of the Single Race Guilds of Wyrmrest Accord states:
"no we don't want to intermingle with other races das nastee"

Lies I say!!
Interesting, this diplomat shall be watching for more information before she brings the remnants of the group in.
well I would like to thank the Kaldorei resistance for some great first meetings and hope that we can gain some more initial roleplay to "feel out" the others! :)
Looking for an date and time that those on alliance side that have intrest would like to have an meeting! Pst in game or mail me!

First non- official meeting went well!!!!
Love it! Good to see so many interested in making this happen!
Best of luck to all of you, I am looking forward to seeing this in the future

First non- official meeting went well!!!!

Right on. I'm glad things went as well as they did, Lor. You seemed pretty stoked about it last night.

*thumbs up*
/punt to top of page

Good luck with this, seems interesting. :D
Where's the human-only guild?
11/19/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Asterat
Where's the human-only guild?

Idk, but yes we need an human only and panderan only guild to join this push... :)
Death to the horde scum!!!!
The council seems to be making way and am really looking forward to the first offical meeting. We have much to discuss and look forward to seeing what the other GM's have in mind!

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