Th/M night 10m raid guild LFM

Vodka, Spartacus, Kittens, Sex, Thursday Night any of those interest you on a weekly basis? Well then you could have at least one thing in common with members of Bloodbath N Beyond! And isn't a good thing made even better when enjoyed with friends or even strangers? If you think so, consider joining Bloodbath N Beyond.

Although I can't guarantee that you'll find a guild enthusiast for ALL of those listed interests, I know there is at least one you can do with 9 other BnB guildies at once! Thursday night 10m raids from 8pm-11pm server. We've added Monday night raids at 8pm server as well.

We started our first MoP 10 man raid on November 8, 2012. Currently we are 6/6 MSV & 2/6 HoF. Go beyond your comfort zone with Bloodbath N Beyond!

Interested peeps contact us: Dohzer, Pyxee, or Tinytiny.
Awww, so i guess there will be no late night 10m kitten slumber party with guild this year either. :( *charliebrownheadhangsadwalk*
But that is when they show GLEE!
I, too, like most of these things...
All I saw was Sex. Then I just wanted more.

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