[H] ChronicDreams LF raiders 25man/10man

ChronicDreams is a uber friendly guild that is looking to form up a 25man raid to smash raidboss faces. (At first X2 10mans till numbers fill out)
Raid times are US Fri night 7pm or Sat 1pm Aust time (If you are aussie like myself)
Currently we are looking at heals and more dps to get the numbers up. We have enough tanks but if you are pro then you'll be welcome as you could fit one of the other roles with dual specs.

Requirments are -
a good attitude
good sense of humor
Sound understanding of class and min/max gearing
knowledge of fights (Hi youtube/tankspot)

Either express interest here in the thread or contact Zezza, Cruelty/Pandles or Huntkanu

it will be a 1-2 week trial to see if you gel with the guild, with perfomance in raids and 5man heroics/challenge modes also assessed.
Bump as we are still looking for 2 more heals and much-o grande dps to form up this 25man.

super fun group with many antics!!
Bump for great Justice

With 5.2 incoming it will be 25mans all the way. We are filling up (Slowly)

Needing a OT, 2 heals and some ranged dps!!!

But happy to grab any good players.

Currently raiding 2 days/nights with 10man

Aust time - 2pm Sat & 12pm Sun
Realm time - 19pm Fri & 17pm Sat

Sat is MV clear and HoF (2/6) is on Sunday
Oh My .. Cruelty - there's a name I haven't seen for a while!
Yea Im still around mate :D

Pandles = Monk me

Still looking for people guys first 25man is Sat 17:00 realm time. Need some others to fill number so we dont need to pug

Hit me up!!!

or Zezza.... or... anyone online at that time its usually us on alts ;)

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