[H] The Bloodfury Clan is recruiting! [H-RP]

Strength and honor my fellow Orcs!

The Horde’s greatest champions currently sit in our capitol cities all hours of the day and night. They seem to care more about the auction houses, or gaining honor with the multitude of different factions, and are always looking for that gauntlet that is just a little better than the one they already own. They completely ignore the war we have been waging with the Alliance for the last twenty years. Do not end up like these bloated lazy peons. Join a Clan that is engaging the enemy beyond our city walls every chance we get!

And for those who have not heard of the Bloodfury Clan...
Shortly after the portal to the Outlands had opened up, a Clan known as the Bloodfury was formed. The Founder of the Clan was a charismatic Orc Warrior named Mordacai. Over the years the Bloodfury Clan has witnessed many changes; not only the landscape but in the Horde itself. There are two new vast continents, Azeroth had barely survived a Cataclysmic event, and all of the Bloodfury’s closest allies have all been ground into dust. The Bloodfury has stood the test of time through all of this! Now, just as in the beginning, an Orc warrior boldly leads our clan into the future, and whatever it may bring!

The clan’s numbers are seemingly low with the unfortunate demise of some of our more ‘infamous’ Orcs, but we stay strong in faith that more Orcs, such as yourself, will come of age and seek out a clan to call your own. It has never been a better time to join the Bloodfury. What remains of the Clan are our most trustworthy and honorable Orcs!

(( OOC Stuff: We are a Heavy Role Playing Guild. Contact Sisanej in game any time. Or /who Bloodfury and ask for an officer. Or use the in-game guild finder and search under: RP guilds. We only ask two things of you: #1. You must be an Orc. #2. An In-Character interview with any one of our officers.

We just turned Level 20 *woop!* We are also proud of our very organized and well thought out 5-tab guild vault that is completely shared with all of our members.

Role playing is a strict requirement to joining. However, your skill level will not be criticized.
As long as you put forth an effort to improve we will always support you.
Beginners and seasoned veterans are all welcome to join and have fun evolving their characters within the clan. No age or level restrictions, but maturity is a must.

We are hoping to start a couple of new story lines in the near future. This will completely depend on the amount of role playing Orcs we actually scrounge up. We don’t want to start with out you, but we will if we must :D ))
(( The Bloodfury Clan has a treasured place in the history of Ravenholdt. I would love to see them thrive again. If you're rolling an Orc, this would be an excellent choice, I'm sure. Bump! ))
Why didn't you just bump your existing recruitment thread?


Also gonna quote myself from the Horns of the Shuhalo thread after they made their "revival"(The guild had under 50 members and only one 90) back in September.

Holy !@#$.

You guys are back.

Gonna go bask in a magnificent sunshaft of "I TOLD YOU SO" regarding the Vanguard and how they should have merged to prevent the guilds from dying now.
Stupid forums doubleposting me
I forgot all about that old post Drax.

The Vanguard!? You know the Vanguard was started by a Forsaken Warlock? He was the Guild Master of the Crimson Blade. I forget his name, but imagine Lerossa in a dress. It was formed in the Eastern Kingdom. Ironically, the Vanguard was purely Kalimdorian tribes.
Mordacai, Plavien, and Killawayiai ran away with the Vanguard. Leaving the Kiithsa Hunters, Frost Axe Clan, and the Crimson Blade shut out of it. Which lead to the great civil war between the Horde RP clans lead by the Artisans of War...The guilds not of the Vanguard called themselves "the Confederacy". That was back when the Artisans were a serious RP guild of course.
AND If Alicee and Kil' Gora could of gotten along when WOTLK came out the Order of the Forsaken would of been a part of the Vanguard. It was not meant to be :(
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imagine Lerossa in a dress

11/06/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Draxonicar
Why didn't you just bump your existing recruitment thread?

Stale biscuits maybe? Some RP flavor? I hope that is OK with you, but really not bothered if it isn't.

Sisanej and a couple of others have been doing their all to keep Bloodfury alive, and we will.

Fresh efforts are in keeping with a new start.

Great post, Sisa.
Bump for a horde RP guild!
I would never call the OOF part of the Vanguard. We just have a different point of view.
To me it was more like, the Vanguard let us in their ooc channel for a bit. One big happy family!

Speaking of the Vanguard...The Bloodfury is still around! When I am not killing monkeys in the Jade Forest for the 4th time, I adore playing as my Orc in the Bloodfury!

Bump Bump Bump
Good luck with your recruitment. :)

Edit: Congratulations on level 20. :D
Bump it up.
...Is still recruiting! With my internet shopping completely finished; this Black Friday eve I will be online all night, on and off of Sisanej. Send me a message in game for an interview or anything else Bloodfury related.

The response and support to this thread has been personally flattering. Thank you for all the mail and encouragement in game.

We have found a lot of really interesting and fun recruits. The Bloodfury is growing stronger every day.

Thank you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
(( Bumping again for this awesome guild! I'm so happy to hear that it's growing, Sisanej! *Cheers* ))
Hmm I have an orc hunter I wouldn't mind in this guild I actually do rp though I may come off rping very serious and heavy into lore which I think makes some bored by my characters or maybe intimidated who knows, but as an rper it should not be hard to find rp. I might make a new orc though I miss my warrior.
I am on every day at some point Tauthal. I would love to meet this Hunter of yours.
There are several people within the Clan now that can interview and invite if I am not around.

I would have been on all day had it not been for the crumby maintenance. Which just got extended another hour. Now I am just hoping to have time just to do my daily Winterspring mount quest. Only 16 days to go!
lol yeah I haven't got around to that Winterspring mount quest still trying to flesh out the daily reps in mop kinda hard with two kids, college, and a house to clean and cooking to be done then with the holidays on top of it I have four kids and a lot more cleaning and cooking. I've started cutting in some time to level this toon since he is my only lock these days and I started playing the game way back when as a lock so wanted to see what the changes were.
**Wednesday November 28th**

I will be in Razor Hill at 8pm until....I run out of interviews. If any are interested in joining the Bloodfury I encourage you to seek me out then.

Do not want to join but seeking role play? Come keep me company! It can get pretty lonely down in Durator.
(( It was so great to see member of the <Bloodfury Clan> at our event the other night. Bump for a growing guild of Horde RPers! ))
@ Tuathal - just let us know when and where it is convenient to meet you. I have deliberately enabled most ranks to recruit now. RP is still required, and general philosophical accord with Bloodfury is required - we are Thrallites for the most part, and certainly are not Dark Horde - but otherwise all you need is an Orc and the ability to do acceptable RP, and if you don't have that yet we are happy to work with you. Everyone is a noob at some point.

@ Aerana - Hmmmm. I didn't know about that. Good thing we are not that tight with the Warchief.

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