Spirit / Mote of Harmony.

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Spirit / Mote of Harmony helped me decide not worry so much about leveling my alts.

I am not forced to go out and farm on the toon's that I enjoy playing the same way that I am not forced to renew my analpass that coming up.

I feel pretty happy that I had seen what I wanted to see in this expac.
lol at all your people say you "need" a dps spec to do dailys etc. you have a tank spec? use that mass pull and knock them down. you have a healing spec? you have the abilitys to do damage. just cos your not killing them as fast (in most cases) you are able to pull more and survive alot better then in a dps spec (in most cases)
11/06/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Brennvin
it allows you to raise the value and demand even more of a profit

I can't laugh more on this. You can ensure 16 motes a day, by literally farming. As long as the patents are not rare drop, market will minimize the profit margin of any craft profession in a blink.

Let's look at 2 plate chest armors, crafted by blacksmithing:
Ghost Reaver's Breastplate cost 8 harmony, 8 living steel, and sells for about 7k
Unyielding Bloodplate cost 3 harmony, 8 living steel, and 8 blood spirit, and sells for 30k

The price for 8 blood spirit is about 18k-20k, 8 living steel go for 3k.

Crafting Ghost Reaver's Breastplate makes 500 per harmony, while crafting Unyielding Bloodplate makes 2300 per harmony. The profit is trivially affected by harmony, but mainly determined by quality (ilvl) and availability of patent.
Seriously, my hunter is a blacksmith and an engineer. Hes sitting on 23 Spirits right now. I just plant the motes on my farm everyday and collect them the next day. Yes, my hunter is level 90, so what. I took the time to level him and his professions. Same thing with my druid, who hasnt done a thing since getting to 90 other than farm veggies and now motes because hes got the rep. Its really not that hard to level to 90. And you make money while doing it. I dont see the issue. Yes, it would be convenient to be able to send all my Spirits to my other toons that can make neat stuff, but ultimately its really not that big of a deal. Bottom line is, they are BoP so either suck it up and deal with it or dont, your choice. Whining on the forums about an item that you dont want to go farm or level a toon to grow on a farm isnt going to make a bit of difference.

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