[H] <Ironclad> 10m, Recruiting for core group

<Ironclad> is a casual lvl 25 PvE/PvP guild looking for more members of all classes and skill levels.
Our officers and core group of guild members have been active together since the beginning of Cataclysm and are currently Progressing. We have reformed our raid group after a brief hiatus and are looking to progress through normal and heroic content.

Recruiting classes:

1 Exceptional Non Death Knight Tank

Raiding Schedule(Server):
Sun: OFF
Mon : 7:30pm-10pm (for any necessary clean-up)
Tues : 7:30pm-10pm
Wed: OFF
Thurs : 7:30pm-10pm
Fri: OFF
Sat: OFF

We expect anyone looking to join our raids to know the in's and out's of their class, be fully gemmed/enchanted/reforged and to have an item level of 465 or higher.

We also expect prospective raiders to show up on time and if for some reason you are unable to attend, please let one of the officers know before hand. We have no problem explaining fights/strategies and helping people obtain better gear, but basic raid awareness and a modicum of respect for your fellow guildies is a MUST.

In addition to our core raid group, we like to start weekly RBGs, Looking for a mage,Ret Paladin and Spriest (time and days subject to change). If you are interested in taking part in our RBGs, please whisper Etêrnïty, Axïom,myself or just leave a comment.

Do not bother applying if you are any of the following:
1. Immature
2. Don't know the in's and outs of your class
4. Have no mic
5. Care more about loot than progression
Still looking for exceptional Players.
Currently looking for a Mage or Elemental shaman!
Still looking for a Mage or Ele Sham for Core group, as well as any exceptional players.
Looking for an exceptional Tank.
We are also taking a geared and experienced S Priest, Hunter, Mage, H Pally, and R Druid for our upcoming RBG team.
*wipes the dust off thread*

Damn, this is old.


New - http://ironclad-stormreaver.enjin.com/

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