Help with my gear/dps

Sure MM can:'shan_Vaults/The_Spirit_Kings/25N/Marksmanship_Hunter/

But you shouldn't play Marksman because it's worse than BM. And you really shouldn't confuse personal problems with class balance.

If you want help, there are a dozen places you can find it. If you're doing poorly, it's only your own fault.

thanks for the help buddy
i just confused you with all the trolls in forums .
I need some help. im not sure if im doing the right dps. on dummies im doing about 37k dps, whilst in heroic dungeons im barely doing 35k. Im a bm ilvl 469 is that damage good or not? if not what do i need to do to increase my dps? help anyone?
I'm pulling 60k DPS+ Each fight. Usually top of the meters. I don't know why people are complaining. Rather annoying. Just roll survival.
Honestly there's no excuse for your dps being that low, damn..

that's my log as a hunter, and honestly wasn't my best on that fight, AND that's a 10 man, generally able to get higher dps in 25mans from other people procing buffs etc.

as a hunter in your raid I could have atleast been 3rd if on one of my good attempts, honestly hunters aren't terrible dps, they're not amazing compared to others, but I keep up just fine.

with your gear there's no reason to not be able to do as much as me, and you have 2 piece tier, which is a pretty decent boost, I don't, with a raid tier bow I'd be doing so much more, sick of my dungeon tier bow.

also I seen your uptime on the boss is incredibly low, there's also no reason for that, on that fight you should be hitting boss the whole time except for a couple seconds when moving across the room to next platform.
I am just starting the heroic grind as BM on this guy. I looked at the OP's armory and noticed that while in BM spec, he has reforged away from mastery on all gear that had it when dropped.

While I understand we need to get to our expertise and hit caps, wouldn't a BM hunter need the additional mastery for increased pet damage?

Confused noob hunter.....sigh.

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