raid dps required for elegon?

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anyone know how much dps is needed to down him my guild is having a hard time and i know its due to dps
DPS up-time is important. There are a lot of periods during the fight where you need to switch DPS targets while still keeping some form of incoming damage on the boss (DoTs and Cleaves). As a rogue I would feint / cloak the first add explosion so as not to have to run out and reset my stacks till the second add was about to explode. What helped our group the most was popping any cool-downs under 3 minutes at the beginning. If you can make it to the Draw Power phase after only 2 adds have come up it buys you a lot of time. If it is taking you more than three celestial adds to get through that phase you either need to be using more cool downs or you just might not have the stuff to down him yet. Out of our 6 DPS we had 1 at 120k, 2 at 110k, 2 at 90k, and one at 60k. We had plenty of time on the enrage (+45 seconds) but the healing becomes pretty intense for 2 healers for that final phase. Make sure you DPS him HARD during his draw power before the first set of orbs start to move towards the pylons, and DPS him between each set of new orbs. We got 4 stacks each time and ignored the 5th stack to dps Elegon while they were traveling to the pylons.
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what we've been trying is me another hunter and a mage stay on boss rest of kill protectors we have to stop dps at 86% most times as the third protector comes out we do the 4 orbs ignore though onec in awhile the mage misses it onec in awhile. i'm thinking its a dps problem as me and other hunter are around 80k and rest of people are normally 60k and below

That was our last kill. ~690k DPS(e) for the whole group. Your DPS depends on a lot of things, so it's hard to give advice when you just say the DPS is low. Are you killing AT LEAST 4 orb sets each time (we do 4 and 4, I know some groups do 5 and 4)? A huge thing is making sure you push the boss to transition before the 3rd protector comes out in the first Phase 1 (you should be prepotting and using personal CDs on the pull). You also need to make sure you're continuing to DPS the boss between sets of orbs, during the orb set you don't plan on killing, and for the period shortly after that. Big help is that you can DPS the pillars for a few seconds while still on the extra DPS platform (just get off before it drops) to speed that phase up. We keep one ranged DPS on the boss the whole time for Phase 1 (although while I stay on the boss I still DoT and Havoc + CB the add so I do help) to help with pushing transitions faster. It could be that you're undergeared, or that people just aren't playing their class that well.
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stop dps at 86%
If you're stopping DPS you will probably wipe. We had that problem at first, but prepotting pushed us past the need to stop DPS before 85%.

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mage misses it onec in awhile

That's a big issue too. If the mage is having issues, have one of your tanks help on his orb. If 7 orbs are killed and one gets through that's a huge chunk of wasted DPS that could've been on the boss.

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80k and rest of people are normally 60k and below
That's pretty low. 80k should be the minimum for people to shoot for imo. Either try killing more orbs or work on HoF until you get more gear. If gear isn't the issue then people are just underperforming, and they need to either seek help on how to perform better on that fight or they need to be replaced if you want to kill the boss.
everyone in the group by the end of the fight should pull at least 80+k seems to be the sweet spot to beat enrage, while getting 10-12 stacks dependent on your raid. Back during progression this was a really hard fight, so keep trying man, you guys will get it.
after the second orb phase me and other hunter can/do get up to 100k had 1 person at 80k rest 60k
The biggest things are getting through the first phase 1 without hitting the 3rd add, and getting through the second phase 1 without getting a 3rd or 4th (cant remember how many we do). Also, you need to be getting through pillar phase and then killing the small adds asap, as this is damage done, but not to the boss. Shooting the pillars while on the platform for the last few seconds before it falls is huge, as is making sure dps get on the platform when it respawns to finish off small adds.

Like I said, we had about 690k DPS(e) and beat enrage by 30s or so. Are you using 6 DPS and 2 healers? Because if you're doing 5 DPS 3 healers you aren't going to kill it with those numbers. If you are at 100k, 100k, 80k, 60k, 60k, 60k for your DPS you should be fairly close to a kill assuming your tanks are doing decent damage as well.
we use 2 healers but we normally have 3 dps doing only around 50k one being the healer's os
If you have 3 DPS at 50k overall after the fight is done then you aren't ready for Elegon. Either your ilvl is way too low or they just aren't good at playing their classes. 50k is low for a normal fight, it's crazy low for a fight with damage boosts. 80k across the board overall is what you should shoot for.
As other have said, making sure you kill at least 4 orbs every phase so he has 10 stacks at the end. And pushing him to p2 before a 3rd add the first time and 4th or 5th add the 2nd time. Make sure DPS are attacking him during the orb phases if the orbs are dead, and that they are using there cooldowns throughout the fight. Also killing all the pylons near the same time to minimize adds so save healers mana and to have more uptime on the boss.

Also your guild sounds like it is having issues especially if the hunters are the two highest dps.
I think you may be a bit exaggerating what your DPS is. Just looked at your logs from yesterday. Your longest 2 attempts had your best DPS at 81k, followed by 72k, 58, 57k, 55k, 50k, 47k, 47k. Two of those are your tanks.
He may be sayiing his DPS on recount/skada, which if that is the case then they have terrible uptime.

Its easier to stay at 99% or above on uptime on elegon.
There are some low uptimes, but the top 2 guys at 80k are at 97% uptime. I think he's just exaggerating the numbers. Granted I only looked at the logs of his most resent raid and looked at only the fights that went past 5 minutes, but still.
i use recount at the 100k one was only like 3 min fight so was just our starting burst i hvnt really looged at world of logs
world of logs >>> recount. Doesn't matter what you're doing for damage with your initial CDs, prepots, and standstill DPS. If you kept those same numbers up over the course of the fight which isn't difficult since you're doing increased DPS after every orb phase, then you'd get a kill. The numbers I'm seeing on your logs for your 9 min attempts are not high enough to get kills. Your top DPS is about where your bottom DPS should be. Your bottom DPS is probably where your tanks should be, not where the bottom DPS should be.

I didn't go through your players to check ilvls, enchants, gems etc because I don't have time for that, but you should. If it's just a gear issue then keep farming HoF 1-4 MV and LFR until your DPS comes up. If you're all sitting at 470+ then there's no excuse to do such little DPS assuming you're executing correctly.
Everything Loktronotron said is correct.

How much time do you have when entering the final phase?
I apologize in advance because my english isn't that great

We just got our first kill last night after around 60 grueling trial and error attempts. It's incredibly important to pre-pot this fight and push to only get two protectors in the first phase. We don't have the best dps in our group, so we had to kill 5 orbs each p2 for a total of 12 stacks on the boss. Which player is assigned to each orb is incredibly important here.

If you can make it through the mechanics and hit the enrage timer, my advice would be try and add more stacks of debuff to the boss. You do more damage as the fight goes on so it's difficult to determine if you have enough dps for a kill when you're just starting out.

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