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Event tonight, wheeee~
I can honestly say I dislike running DMed events. They're so DRAINING.

/crawls away

EDIT: Holy crap my tabard shows again!
Bumpity. Also, y'all might want to put your full guild name up there, just sayin'.
But I needed more space. :|
Page three is bad.

And good god, I finally hit 90 on a horde toon. /passes out
*Bumping with love!*
I am going to bump this here thread.

(It was hard to find)
this thread should never be hard to find v.v
I'm a texan
Went and saw Wreck It Ralph yesterday with the boyfriend. It was actually pretty entertaining.

"Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby, and it is ugly."
Guess I'm gonna play around on Skyrim until the servers come back up.

Stupid maintenance.
Oi. Get back up there. >:[
5.1 is going to be sweeeeet.
I'm more fancy than Malothis.

Let me get my fancy suit.
I am sorely tempted to switch it back to "BMS" just so I have more room to type stuff.

Come at me.
I'm more fancy than Malothis.

Let me get my fancy suit.

/puts on purple dinner suit
Page two is never a nice place.
No, it is not.

/drags thread to the top
All by myselfffff

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