Blizzard: Just admit botting is a problem...

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85-89 is HORRIBLE. its not uncommon to have 5 people who dont leave the boat in a BFG. i've personally seen 7 of the flag bots in AB on my team at once, all lined up in perfect unison like a multiboxer.

just report them, and then do this

1. type "report afkers at [boat/farm/FR]"
2. highlight text and hit ctrl C
3. copy paste 6 times into bg chat, and continue copy pasting 6 times every 15 seconds until those people are kicked from the BG.

i can tell you from extensive experience that this usually works. i can also tell you from extensive experience that just saying "report afkers" doesn't work.

if people take offense to your use of bg chat to accomplish something incredibly helpful, point out to them how stupid it is to put 15 minutes of effort into trying win a 6v10 BG while being too lazy to spend 2 seconds clicking on a clump of dots in order to add 3 or 4 players to your team. spamming bg chat to get afkers out is by FAR the best possible use of bg chat when you're losing due to bots. no amount of strategy or coordination is going to save you when you're badly outnumbered. it's absolutely mind-blowing that people try so hard to win, attempt so hard to strategize and coordinate in bg chat, yell with such rage at everyone for allegedly playing badly, all while being too stupid and lazy to take the single best and most efficient action they can take to win a bg.
Can you make players do a capchka or something similar that a real person has to do? Once they are in the bg to confirm that they are a player and not a robot?

I know it sucks for everyone else, but so does botting.

I'd find that way more annoying, personally.
11/09/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Xiouhong

It would be nice to get this input on other issues as well and a little more frequently. WE KNOW we know it...

Silence from your end does nothing but make us all wonder if you all actually do.

Why waste time saying things everyone knows?

Because a ridiculous number of children (no matter what age) in this game will continue to do inappropriate things on the simple premise that "Blizz doesn't care" ----> BECAUSE Blizz doesnt generally SAY they care.

They dont SAY anything.

No matter how obvious it is, children need to be told what is right and what is wrong or they claim ignorance.

Or at least need to be reminded now and again. Anything is better than silence.
The advice repeatedly given has been to report, report, report. I report for cheating every time I see a bot. Tell 'em what BG, what they were doing, and why you suspect they're a bot.

The more reports that come in on the same players, the easier it will be to take appropriate action against those botters.

We're the eyes and ears, folks.
This is probably why they don't answer more often. When they do, you all act like you expect them to spend the day holding a conversation with you on the topic. His one post has acknowledged that, once again, they did know about something that you all thought they didn't. Perhaps you should trust that they pay attention to the game AND the forums even when they don't respond to every little complaint?
11/09/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Dix
no one really knows if Blizzard is banning bot accounts or not.

Is an incongruent statement with...
11/09/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Dix
I did see the posts

I mean...lots of posts in a 3-4 day period "QQ Why was my account banned?". It does not take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. I'm sure if you turned on your computer today that you can figure it out.

11/09/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Dix
And to continue with the sports metaphors... it's outta tha park!

I think you mean "swing and a miss".
Can you make players do a capchka or something similar that a real person has to do? Once they are in the bg to confirm that they are a player and not a robot?

I know it sucks for everyone else, but so does botting.

As long as it weren't an actual text-based CAPTCHA with crazy illegible squiggles, I wouldn't have a problem with that. Ask people to answer a simple question, e.g. I'm not sure that would solve everything long-term, but it's better than nothing.
So, genuine question here: How can you tell when a player in a BG is a bot? Do they behave in a certain way? Do they do nothing like an afk person? Do they have a name that is just a nonsense collection of letters?....

taking notes?

Everyone knows a bot when they see one. Even someone just starting the game can tell when someone is acting weird and computer-like.

OP: Bots have websites with forums that're as easy to navigate as this one. The websites have youtube videos with step by step instructions of how the bot works and what it does. All it takes is a simple google search to find them.

Now, I'm stupid. I have maybe an average IQ on a good day and I haven't touched a book since high school. I highly doubt Blizz employees and I would've sat at the same lunch table. They could watch the videos and read the instructions, and know how to reverse engineer them. Although, I'm sure they have other ways of detecting them. The point is, they are aware and able to stop bots.

The reason they don't is obvious. Its the same reason people on welfare get financed; money is money. They can make up whatever excuse they want to make it look like they're "working on it" and I guess there are actually people dumber than me, because they believe it, but the fact is that they will milk botters just like you and I for every last drop.
Heheh I logged into a random BG and felt like I was in the middle of Asimov's "I Robot"
11/09/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Goldenlotus
Better than having 4 people auto following you after waiting 15 minutes to try to win
Until the bots find a way around the do know there are ways around them?
11/09/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Zarhym
That's all I want. An acknowledgement that it's a problem and you're working on it.

Bot programs or /afk bot scripts are a problem, and we know it's gotten worse in Battlegrounds with the release of Mists. We're working with CS and the development team on this. It's unacceptable. We know it. You know it.

Its not just a problem in PVP. With the right addon(s), a person can use a bot program to simply prevent themselves from AFKING out of the game while camping the following PVE things, and have loud audible alerts raise them from bed to snag them:
1) BOA items
2) Rare Spawns
3) Galleon -> seriously you really need to rethink this boss because people bot his spawn and if people are botting his spawn its because the boss is retarded

Now I KNOW that your stance on third party software running scripts in the game is against the rules, but does that mean that PVE afk campers who use macro keyboards and mice/or will continue to get away with anti-afk botting?
if you dont think Blizzard has already answered your plea, you aren't paying attention...

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