Oh this is good ..

Seriosly, I just can not make up anything this good ...

This article is stolen from the active thread list on us.battle.net, I wasn't the discoverer of such hilarity, I'm just bringing it to you, the lazy masses who don't mingle with the vermin on the front page :P

And I quote:

Saw on Courthouse news that blizzard is getting sued.


Will there be any official comment on the pending litigation?

Enjoy :)
1) Mobile authenticator is free. They can't legally include that in a lawsuit.
2) There are other ways to protect your account that are free, too (Dial-in Authenticator, SMS protect).
3) "Bell claims that Activision and Blizzard require gamers to use online accounts at the Battle.net website, which collects and stores customers' private information." -- Are you kidding? I think they've blacked out every bit of personal information, including address, phone number, and cc info. Additionally, an authenticator isn't required and your account will be restored without one.
4) Hacking Blizzard has absolutely nothing to do with being sued over authenticators. Internal security vulnerabilities, or whatever the issue was (I honestly can't remember) are an entirely separate issue. In fact, I'm almost positive that Blizzard stated no personal information outside of email addresses was stolen.

What a joke. This will be thrown out so fast.

Agreed ... When I read this I was floored .... I couldn't stop laughing at how silly this whole thing was.

If I ever saw an ambulance chaser ... it is these floosies ... heck a floosie would be an improvement :P

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