Misted Legends Reborn (OOC 4)

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Over almost 2000 ooc posts already.... golly
Holy Crap didn't even noticed I capped the last one 0_0
Yurp! Thou art the King of OOC thread 3, Sammy! xD

Edit: Oh Althmyst, silly girl. Can't even hold in the contents of her stomach xD. On the plus side, I think she's found something she hates more than horses!
Posty Posty i did. I am also sixteen now. *birthday whistle sound*
Happy belated birthday! xD

In two weeks yesterday, I'll be 19! 8D

So excited! xP

Edit: Also! It's time to celebrate! Because I do believe that Misted Legends has just passed its one year anniversary! xD. If not it will be soon. Gosh, I really am amazed that you guys have stuck around for it this long. Amazed and very happy ^.^ . *cupcakes for all!*

I'll be posting likely tomorrow, so those of you who want to toss a response in before we slaughter these bugs and go on to see the Black Ox, toss one in now! :)
I feel like I'm the oldest one in here at 19, nearing 20.
Well the good news is that I've been thinking a bit and I believe that I have revolutionized my character, he's entered his cocoon and emerged as the way he is now. The old Vyn is practically gone but I think I've developed a new Vyn in his place that seems realistic in the world of warcraft. All of his professions are gone except for Blacksmithing and now most of the time he spends on training, torture, attacking and killing enemies, and any extra free time that's available he's become well adjusted to Blacksmithing as a bit of a hobby, that said he is also strong enough and has past experience working along with the Scourge to mine as well.

The concept that he's a professional cook is rather incorrect imo. I know in one of my posts in the last Misted Legends that Vyn made Gavoon(?) a plate of cooked Pandaren, I should have reiterated about what had happened back then and now. Vyn has barely any cooking knowledge but along with his studies of the human anatomy he's developed a spice that would make humans believe it would be delicious, if any other race tried it it would likely be revolting.

He doesn't know how to fish very well, he's tried it and owns a fishing rod made of Scourge bones but he finds the concept boring and worthless and much rather prefers to plague the waters to kill the fish and then collect the fish from there. He has a basic knowledge of first aid but also finds it worthless because he knows he can just raise them from the dead anyways. And then there's archaeology, he has no interest in learning it. Therefore out of those professions the only thing he's good at aside from being a death knight is being a blacksmith. As a hobby he likes to develop better and stronger weapons that would cause more pain to his living recipients.

So onto the bad news! Th bad news is that because this process has taken a long time I have no idea where we are in the story or of what Vyn should have been doing all this time.

Edit: Also Congrats Lavi!!!
I am 24 goin on 25 Dristis:P

so no you are not the oldest one in hereXD
Oh good.

I still felt old. And then I realized how long I had been playing this game.

Then I got depressed again.
whew glad I got my post up before Lavi did, well there you go Dae has her answers, as does everyone else, maybe not ICly, but now you all know OOCly that Sam, and Lori have a father daughter relationship:P
So onto my question which no one has addressed yet! What's happening in the story so far? Has much happened since we were in the Jade Temple at the Library?
So much negative energy.

Krystala fffeeeeeeeddss
Gettin' Swoll.

Vyn, we hopped onto some Cloud Serpents and dillydallied our way into Townlong Steppes and are currently under assault from Mantid.
Ok posted, prolly won't be able to post again until tomorrow, and Dae we have too many of these philosophical discussions, when we are in threads together:P What is up with your character anyway do you put it in your sign-ups, will have to check that out:P

edit: ok checked, and didn't see anything to explain why Dae is the way she is, so my question stands:P as soon as Lavi posts hopefully I can get a post in for SamXD
11/14/2012 07:30 PMPosted by Sammuroth
What is up with your character anyway

She has a few personal issues, one of which I will be putting in my next post.
11/15/2012 01:20 PMPosted by Daedhel
She has a few personal issues

Don't we all...
11/15/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Dristis
She has a few personal issues

Don't we all...

This...a thousand times this.
11/15/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Sarinda

Don't we all...

This...a thousand times this.

*huddles in corner*
pfft personal issues

*rolls eyes*

jkjk :D

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