Misted Legends Reborn (OOC 4)

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11/22/2012 09:28 PMPosted by Lineron
Oh hey look its a *looks at picture more intently*.......NOPE! NO! *slams door* NOPE! *walks into space ship* NOPE! *blasts off towards the sun* NO! NOPE! *burns up in the sun* *comes back as ghost* NOPE!

Lol, it's a species of praying mantis :P
........so....um.....shameless bump.....i guess.....uuuuuuuuuu insert a few seconds of entertainment here: http://www.m0ar.org/2136
Alright, I know that everyone's kinda been expecting it (what with my low activity recently), but I'm just going to officially say that Misted Legends is currently in hibernation mode, and I hope I'll be back in about 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, I have exams (and this up coming week is basically prep for exams), and then I have 3 weeks for vacation, so I want to get this back up and running if you guys are still interested in finishing this ^.^ .

Either way, the final decision (whether we trek on or call it a day) will be made in 2 weeks.
I'm down for whenever.
I'm always around do what you need to do Lavi I think the majority of us will still be here, and willing to continue:3
Hey everyone. Sorry for the horrendous necro. I know that I haven't posted for almost a year now but idk after reviewing some of the information before, I think I'd be ready to come back, plus this semester isn't nearly as stressful as last or the year before that. Also for the most part, most of the rps out here aren't really all that interesting. I know that the thread has pretty much fallen apart so I guess I have a bit of reading to catch up on but still. Nice to know if some of the things are back.
Anyone still there?
Well that's sad that Misted Legends has been shut down. :( This was my first thread that I've ever rped in on the forums and also one that has helped my character undergo several transformations to make him better and more realistic. Because of you guys I think I can rp a lot more interesting character than before.

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