LF dedicated RaF partner/friendship

Hello KT,
I've been playing WoW on and off for the past 4 years. With MoP, I am looking for a RaF partner to level toons from 1-90. I will be buying the battle chest as well as all the expansions; all I need is a partner.

For this goal, I expect to play daily for multiple hours each night (approx. 10pm - 2am)

If you have any interest in leveling a tank with the RaF bonus, that would be ideal.
I do not have anything against leveling multiple toons throughout the 3 months of 3 times xp, but I do want to reach the lvl90 cap before moving to the next toon. I do not mind playing horde or alliance, however for my first 90 I would prefer it to be alliance side.

With this partnership I am also looking for a friendship. After reaching level cap I would like to continue playing together, and perhaps move into end-game content together. I primarily use vent and skype for communication.

I check will be checking this thread regularly for replies, but a whisper or PM would be ideal. I am usually on every evening. We can discuss both our goals and see if its a good fit. I plan to start this ASAP; tonight would be ideal. Someone able to play throughout the night would also be a plus.

I do not have a stern attitude or rude personality. I'm a college student who enjoys playing this game competitively, but also recreationally. I find the game to get boring without a friend, which is why I'm turning to the community :)

cheers, I look forward to playing with one of you soon.
look forward to hearing from you soon!
If yall need a vent YODEL @ CHA BOI!
I am going to be gone for some if not all of the night but I'm interested in helping you find a friend.

Coldnflu#1310 is my battletag if you wanna talk more when I get back.
Azliane#1320 if you want someone to level with i can play nearly every day
I'm a college student too, pick me! Haha, but on a serious note, i'm also looking for a friend or friends to play with. All my friends quit due to Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. I was actually looking to start a tank - Warrior, A monk (DPS), or a healer. You can add me on skype: Joker.style.3
Hey, Im extremely interested in becoming your RAF Partner/Best Friend. Message me in game - Soggitissues! Looking forward to hear from you.

11/12/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Busybee
If yall need a vent YODEL @ CHA BOI!

Only holds 5 people, very exclusive. VIP only! You know what's funny? People who use Mumble when Vent is better LOL

Hope you're having a nice day Shane. Cloudy and rain here, 42 but feels like 34 with the wind.

Nice turtleneck sweater weather.

Grats on 15K!

i want to plz email me with for more details i am a vetran wow player

i want to plz email me with for more details i am a vetran wow player

i want to plz email me with for more details i am a vetran wow player



Well Jackson, here's a couple things I noticed about you that were interesting:

- You're Alliance on Area 52 in a giant perk guild.
- You're not even last expansion's max level.
- You seem like a new player

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that you are neither a "vetran wow player" or a "veteran wow player". You're just a noob.

Here on the forums it is looked down upon to post in a thread close to a month since it was last active. It brings up old posts where a newer one should be.

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