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So I had the annual sub thingy blizz did last year to get diablo for free and it's been over a year, 1 month over to be exact, and I'm needing to cancel because of financial reasons however there is no link for it on my game management screen.
When you log into your account (by clicking the 'Account' button at the top of the screen of any website) you will be taken to an 'Account Summary' page [after entering your account name and Password, and being prompted for an Authenticator number (if applicable)]. On the centre of the summary page it will list the various game products which you have linked to your account divided into collapsible subsections. Under the World of Warcraft sub-section you should have at least two WoW accounts. One belonging to your current active subscription and one other belonging to the Mists beta account or various other PTR account you may have used at some point. By clicking on one of the game accounts listed you will be taken to another page which will give in detail the information about the account in two columns. The left one will list account name, account status, game time, product level and region in that order. You want to make sure that 'Account Status' is Active and under game time if your annual pass has indeed expired, it should read "source: 1-month recurring. 14.99$ USD" and a date underneath when it will be renewed. If this is the case then simply go to the right column and select from the bottom of the short list the link which should read: "Cancel Game Subscription".

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