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hey guys the servers are up(not a troll post)im logged in right now. check and see if you can too, at least gorganash is up for me
Here i sit so broken hearted,
tried to Log, but loggin farted.
I look at news and what do i see,
extended again, not 1 but 3.
Fare it's not, but what's to say,
I know I wont get lvl capped today.
Guild needed heals to get off the Ground,
and it my turn to step up this round.
Had I been able to play all day,
I may have been geared by Thursday.
In time to heal our Trial Raid,
and test the group that has just been made.
But hopes are Dashed, as all have seen,
While Blizz execs, grin, and count Green.
I believe one day I will create a game. I will handle the creative aspects, technical aspects, and community relations all by myself. I will pander to every single person who plays. Best of all, it will have 100% uptime. I am infallible, and thus my game will be as well.

I shall call this game:
10 hr maintenace I appreciate the fact that you are doing what you can to get us online, but think of it like a quote on repair......you say that'll be 100 dollars, but oh wait srry there were some unseen issues so that'll be 10 grand. Point being its better to shoot high an be able to do the job for less then quoted, then saying it will be done by 11am an still not haveing it up till 3pm, get you original quote an tak on 4 hr an tell us that we will be online by 4pm stead of jus saying oops jus give us a min. min meaning hrs.
11/13/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Creedanse
hey guys the servers are up(not a troll post)im logged in right now. check and see if you can too, at least gorganash is up for me
confirmed QFT

^^^Love this!! <3

Unfortunately I couldn't find who posted this so I have to quote yours.

So much WPS (Whine per Sec).

Np, I don't even remember what page I was on, or I would tell you. It was just awesome I couldn't resist. :)
Reading all these posts is a great way to spend the down time.
I am saddened that the servers are back online.

Reading all the rage was rather entertaining.
Come on blizzard, my mom pays my sub every month and for me to come home from 6th grade and see that i cant play makes me verry angry >_<
Some of the complainers in here are outrageous. Maintenance has been really quick for the past month. Once in a while, they have to extend.
Calm down, man, a few hours a week to keep the game running properly is nothing. And as for refunding you for a full day(even though after the 2 updates, it's 10 hours total, not a full day), $15 a month is 50 cents a day, not that big of a deal for 6 days of uninterrupted game time.

Just shut up and wait a few hours for a video game, it won't kill you.
my healing que is not instant, less qq more queque pls.
Yip my day off and again another day wasted by yet ANOTHER extended maintnece, I alsonticed blizz is pretty quick to end my subscribtion to instead of a days grace here and there...why do i have to pay for 4 days of a month when they cant get the servers up and running. I mean Blizz used to be gracefull back in BC when yes they had many problems they gave us 1-3 days free play because of the maintences and restarts. Now more then ever blizz is just money hungry and wont credit back the days you pay for. Hey Blizz heres an Idea? why not a free week of game play for x-mas instead of the same old Gaudy Winter Shirt?
near 2k posts guys! need moar qq! it's hilarious!!!
11/13/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Frostarc
obviously a new generation that cant get out of the "me" or "I" complex ...lack of thought for the millions of players ....Standing ovation for your singlemindedness and foolish attempt at logic.

I am that I am.

I see no you in this.

Nobody genuinely gets completely out of the I focus until I becomes all.

So your looking for a few million years of evolution to suddenly spring upon us?
11/13/2012 01:53 PMPosted by Gräve
They add downtime to the end of everyone's subscriptions, and have done so for a very long time.

I'm just going to leave my own quote here before I go back to the now up servers.
Servers are up!
great come up early and miss the galleon kill for the week, THANKS!!
I think in all my years of playing WoW this is probably my third post to one of these threads. Really people? Yes, WoW is down, yes it stinks, is inconvenient, etc. So do a lot of other things in life. It grieves me to read all the selfish, mean, threatening, rude and inconsiderate comments being posted. We have no clue what all is involved with maintenance and the many issues that can pop up during it. However I do know from experience that these issues can be time consuming to resolve and often the simple fix just doesn't work. You all act like Blizz extends maintenance just to piss you off or ruin your day. Yeah right... Trust me, they hate the down time even MORE than you do! So take a few minutes to be thoughtful, patient and compassionate. Think about the game and how massive it is and how many people play it and all the issues that arise and maybe, just maybe you will be grateful to all those at Blizzard that work their butts of not only responding to all the whining and crying thrown at them but also making and keeping it the best game period! And if you can't seem to find it in your heart to do so then perhaps you should consider having something beyond WoW that will help you see how much there really is to life and every person that is actually exists!

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