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Just shut up and let them do their work.
It has become necessary to extend today’s regularly scheduled maintenance by approximately two hours. We currently anticipate that realms will become available at 1:00 p.m. PST, though we will revise that estimate if the situation changes.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Tell us the truth. This extension is to try to push us into Diablo 3. Nah, that game BLOWS.

That is actually still on maintenance ><
Blizz, please at least discuss this as a possible addition to WoW experience, Add and App or instant messenger or something that will notify people who WANT to use it as to when the game is playable again IE. sends me a text message through an instant messenger that I agree to have. This will keep many people from complaining about waiting on the website and again it needs to be a thing that people OPT to use that way you dont have people complaining about having to use it, it will be just there if you want
11/13/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Linkadin
If I called my boss at 11:29AM to tell him I would'nt be there until 1PM when my shift started at 11AM, I would be fired. The first time. Especially if I was paid for the time in advance. This needs to stop happening.. It is unacceptable.

Except, in this instance, you are still the employee. Blizzard is the boss. If your boss called your place of employment and said, "hey, yeah, I'm gonna be 2 hours late today", you'll sit there and like it.

If Blizzard brought the servers up 2 hours earlier than they wanted to, you're the kind of moron that would complain about bugs in LFR, or questing, or wherever you may encounter them.
The problem with maintenance like this, goes something like this:

1). I live on the EST timezone, and this maintenance kills the entire day. The servers are expected (but probably won't be) up until 1600. That's 4pm for anybody who isn't skilled at math and time. Right there, MOST of our waking day is already done and over. Many people go to bed no later than 2200 or 2300. And that's assuming that said people don't work late shifts.

2). Tuesday is my only consistent day off, so all of these extended maintenances, and 45min+ restarts is really hurting my ability to play and enjoy the game. And there are days that are NOT Tuesdays where the game goes down for 2+ hours like it did a couple weeks ago on a Monday. I actually got off work early, 11:30am EST, and came home aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd...... "RESTARTS!" Said restarts took 2+ hours. Nice. Another day I couldn't play much.

3). When extended maint happens, and the servers don't come online until 1600, this severely kills the energy and mood to even play. Anything I wanted to get done beyond dailies is out of the question. I eat supper at around 4-5pm EST (can't change this because of a family member that gets home from work around that time) so I start at 5 or so pm EST. It takes about 2 hours for me to get dailies done. So, I'm sitting here at 1900 going "Um, okay what exactly am I going to do between now and the time I go to bed?" What SHOULD have been a day off work where I SHOULD have had 8+ hours to play wow, I find myself with <3 hours. And it seriously saps any mood I had for the game whatsoever. A lot of Tuesdays, I grumble in frustration and just say "screw it" and log off after doing whatever daily content I had been doing.

This is part of the reason why I am quite far behind on my plans and it is slowly frustrating me to the point where I realize I'll probably never catch up because of the fact that I can't play on Tuesdays anymore, and a lot of times when I come home from work early Mon or Thurs, its restarts that take way longer than 15min, done in the middle of the freaking day.

Why are restarts almost always longer than 15min, despite the message saying "no longer than 15min"? I think we all know what three-letter acronym is to blame for that.

I remember back in Cataclysm, where extended maint was unheard of. It happened maybe once every other month. Full-on maintenance was something you saw every other week, sometimes once every 4 weeks on some lucky time periods.

Now, in MoP, almost every restart takes longer than expected, almost every maintenance is extended....

I miss the days when maintenance and restarts were actually reliable. And even if Maintenance/Restarts DO come up on time... CRZ is usually booted last and...

What is the sense of even having the game up if you can't DO anything until the CRZ server comes up? You're stuck in either Pandaria or your capital city because the game seemingly cannot function at all without CRZ. If you leave the capital city while CRZ is still booting up, you get an empty game world that is impossible to do anything in.

If CRZ is indeed causing the maint problems, I think it is better for us all that you just get rid of it so we can get back to Cataclysm-style maintenance.
11/13/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Daxxarri
Thank you for your patience in the meantime.


You are seriously cutting into my "Slacking-at-work" time here Blizz! Obviously, I deserve to get some money refunded for not being able to collect money from my employer for playing your game. In addition, as an IT exec I can't condone your working extra hours to implement your supposed "fixes" and we ALL KNOW that computer's are infallible and just don't EVER throw us humans for a loop.

Also, I'll have you know that it is completely irrational for you Drax to be spending precious time actually posting to us.... the players (and subsequently the LARGEST single focused community in the world) about such delays EVEN THOUGH this community has CLEARLY asked for just that, for years. It is intolerable of you, to give us exactly what we asked for.

Come on folks. give it a rest. !@#$ happens and they are dealing with it.
Give the guys at blizz a break, they only had a week to get ready for this.

Maybe they are adding some cool new dailies or something
I've played this game since Vanilla and while I understand that sometimes maintenance needs to be extended, this is happening every week. What's going on? If it takes longer for the maintenance, why not say so outright instead of making us think it will be done sooner?
Dude QQ more people. GO OUTSIDE. Refunds?? pfft srsly? Yes I want my 66 cents back for the time they are spending to make sure the game runs as intended.
I never get to play wow before work on tuesdays :( sadface...
Personally, I am still waiting on that magical Tuesday where maintenance happens and NO ONE COMPLAINS.
Come on, people. Do something else with your time, it's not that hard.

Anyhow, I appreciate the heads up, Daxxarri. <3

Maintenance could be 20 minutes and give all your characters a free pony and people will still complain that they wanted a moose and not a pony.
>Complains that you can't log in for another 2 hours
>Complains when you're in-game that there's nothing to do but dailies.


can't win em all.
Lol I like how random posts speaking against this are getting reported.
Okay Blizzard this is my rant now. You have replied to me Alaunia92 on your twitter forums about late posting updates before, if you really need to extend your maintenance do it an hour before everything is scheduled to be up. Don't do it last minute and I mean LAST minute, I saw Zarrgol's blue post with the update, I'm talking forum not Twitter this time. It was dated for 2:04pm EST. That is four minutes pasted the scheduled up time. That's like saying that you're going on a date, and the person you're going with is already at the restaurant waiting for you and you text them saying, "Hey, I know it's last minute but can you give me 2 more hours?" That's how your customers feel, I know you probably get more people who start playing daily but thousands of your already faithful players have been dropping like flies because of stuff like this. If you even have the thought that you need to extend maintenance, do it an hour before scheduled up time. Don't make a set time and then just change it, if we all did that work would never get done. Lets try and get maintenance done on time for once, I have been playing for 7 years now. In the past few months I have yet to see you guys actually have the realms up on time. You probably don't actually care if I stop playing because you still make money either way. I'm just saying Blizz either straighten out your stuff and get things done when you say they'll be done or make a decision to extend maintenance sooner instead of flat out lying to your customers.
<---- QQ'ing

This is what I get for taking a Tuesday off! I was fine with the 11am maintenance completion, but when it was extended to 1pm... WAAAAAA!!!!
lol 2 years ago we had this issue do what my family members did Better business burea complaint and they got like 3 days game time lol
Care to talk about how the staff meeting went today?
Or is that a thing of the past?
I'm pretty sure the 2nd Tuesday of every month used to be the 'sit down' day between CMs/GMs/Tec and Developers.
I'm sure Blizz will like any day they don't get a complaint, lol. Thats never going to happen, hehe.
Extended maintenance i would not call it that. If people would have loged on this morning they would have foud out that servers went down over 3 hours later than said. But some lazy people did not even check and now are QQing because they are not playing. Should have checked this morning. Was a very nice to be able to finish all dailys without fighting over npc's to kill. thanks blizz.
11/13/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Tzhaarmejjar
1 full day's worth of game-credit per month that you people keep extending maintenance weekly and having the servers all shut down...

we lose 4 days of gametime, cause theres 4 weeks in a month

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