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11/13/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Shadrach
Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but it would probably be helpful if you update the extended maintenence message on the login page in-game. It still says 1 p.m. PST. Most people don't go running to the forums for information when it is (incorrectly) provided on the login screen.

Agreed... Not sure why but it upsets me they just changed the 11am to 1pm in the same news post.
11/13/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Amnon
I for one would rather have longer maintenance + new content + fewer bugs

Hey one out of three.... actually is pretty bad.
Didn't maintenance used to start at 3AM? Why doesn't it start at that time anymore? If it did, then the realms would probably be up by now.

I'm on the west coast, so 1PM is still fairly early I guess, but that's 4PM on the east coast and that really sucks.
Next week when you do matainence you should just stay it will end at 1PM to start with so people don't get their hopes up of playing at 11.
How do other MMOs manage to do maintenance without any obvious down time? In my experience WOW is the only one that shuts everything down for hours at a time.

They also have frequent rolling restarts.

If they are so intense about fixing things, then why are the Celestial Steed's wings still broken? There are hundreds of bugs they have never fixed, and often they create as many as they do fix.

Maybe it is the best they can do, but it still sucks.

maybe its because they have 10x the player base of any other mmo?
11/13/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Banithen
No this isn't impossible to predict. If you're looking at the clock and it's 10 AM and you know you're not going to be done is an hour, tell your customers right then. It's really that simple.

I'd add something else here: Where is the QA? I understand successful QA doesn't guarantee no problems in production, but most of them can be caught with competent and adequately funded QA environments and test engineers. If the maintenance windows regularly catch previously unforeseen glitches and showstopping problems moved into production, then there are serious QA problems.
Personally, I am still waiting on that magical Tuesday where maintenance happens and NO ONE COMPLAINS.
Come on, people. Do something else with your time, it's not that hard.

Anyhow, I appreciate the heads up, Daxxarri. <3

Maintenance could be 20 minutes and give all your characters a free pony and people will still complain that they wanted a moose and not a pony.

How about a stag? I hear they have wicked parties.
I wasn't aware there was an Entitlement Cake Bake Sale in here.

Read the EULA/TOS sometime folks, you might learn something.
No more tears....
Dear Blizz,
Please make sure you reimburse the whiners their entire .04 cents for the extra two hours of maintenance today. Although you have been doing maintenance on Tuesdays for years now with us knowing there is a chance it'll be extended, some players still feel compelled to come to the forums and cry about losing game time. Unfortunately, some players just don't have anything else to do with their time, so the six normal hours of maintenance already kills them. What were you thinking when you decided to add two hours to it?

If there is a good chance it'll be extended why not set the correct first estimation time?
If they did that, the less "whiners" we have for our cents.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
11/13/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Unotouchi

When i played EQ it didnt go down this often however this is a different company and they have different policies regarding upsetting the population
Can you at least get the times right? I hate expecting to be on at 2EST and seeing at 2:15 that it's extended until 4, so annoying. We better be getting free gametime added for this...happens every week.
we deserve a refund
They should make Artisan riding BOA!
Wow, relax people. I am sure with 5.1 approaching they have a lot of stuff to do.
My problem with maintenance extension EVERY WEEK has to do with Galleon.
I'm a university student and on tuesdays I have a 2 hour break in which the servers are supposed to come up. Galleon also normally spawns right when servers come up, so I get home from class, kill galleon, kill sha, do some lfr, then go back to class.
When maintenance gets extended EVERY WEEK I have to miss possibly the only shot I have at Galleon that week (as he often spawns on weekends when I don't play or during class).

Can we please fix how galleon works? maybe he spawns once a day but you can only get a roll once a week, or he spawns at predicted times instead of on server launch, and then completely randomly.
11/13/2012 11:45 AMPosted by Kewngpow
If this keeps happening every week, it's about time Blizzard starts refunding lost game-time.

So here's another 2 hours added on top of last weeks. When are we going to start seeing reimbursements for paying not to play every Tuesday (and sometimes other days)

Post your banking information and I'll personally send you the 25 cents you just lost.

Send it to my paypal, i do hope i would probably get around $10-$15 in a year or less and probably able to do appearance change. ;)
I am very disappointed...

Blizzard has made such an awesome game, and even though I've been playing for years, I'm still having fun. Now, I have to find something else that's remotely tolerable to do until the game comes back up and I can continue playing.
hire some folks that know what they are doing, IJS
Dear Blizzard. Instead of locking threads such as this one, you should better
take these complaints seriously. Because if we complain for the poor service,
at least you can do something about it. Remember, it's just one level away from level 2 of complaints, i.e. complaining with the credit card, which is to cancel the subscription.

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