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argent dawn is up but mail isn't working
Extended Maintenance.

Over the course of the years of gaming in WoW, Blizzard has extended maintenance time and time again...

Taking into account that you perform extended maintenance at least twice a month every month, that means paying customers are losing, on average, 48 hours a month of their paid subscriptions.

This amounts to 24 days a year of lost subscription time.

So, by paying 12 months of subscriptions, we actually are only getting 11 months and 6 days.

The rest of that additional months time is just gone.

I think it's time Blizzard starts either getting their job done on time, every time, or start paying us back for our lost time.

Now some of you will say... "But it's only a couple of hours."

While, at the time, that may very well be true, but then if you look at the bigger picture, that statement is very untrue.

24 days of lost time is hardly a "couple of hours".

So, let's talk reimbursement.

How about it Blizzard?

Will you start finishing on time, or are you going to start giving back to your paying customers for the time you keep taking from us without proper explaination?

I need to quote this guy, not sure if he's in this thread, but I really hope people aren't this naive.

They add downtime to the end of everyone's subscriptions, and have done so for a very long time.

...be thankful they at least give you a rough estimate as to when they will be finished as opposed to "realms are down, they will be up when we say they are" type of announcement.

Actually, when they exceed their maintenance window and cannot give a reliable estimate as to when the servers will be back online, there's no point in announcing "realms are down, they will be up when we say they are" - this is implied.
So cool they have a like button on posts!
I really hope they give us game time for this :D
So people would rather them estimate 8 hours of down time (which people would also !@#$% about) and finish early. Then have possible extra down time a few times a month.

Either way doesn't matter to me. I have an actual job and life and do not schedule playing time on possible maintenance days.
Bless you Tuesday Maintenance! 10 Onyx Eggs just shaved a few days off my rep grind.
obviously a new generation that cant get out of the "me" or "I" complex ...lack of thought for the millions of players ....Standing ovation for your singlemindedness and foolish attempt at logic.
These threads should really be locked so that the children can't whine about Blizz extending the maintenance, something they wouldn't do unless they had to.

Come on people. While it is inconvenient, let's do the math here.

The most expensive sub price is $15/month. There are, on average, 30.4375 days per month. That means you are spending less than 50 cents per day to play WoW. The realms are expected to be down for 12 hours, which is half a day, that is, less than 25 cents worth. That's how much of the time that they need to maintain the game that you pay 50 cents/day to play.
I know "CUSTOMER SERVICE" is a tough job. In most corporations the rep's taking the heat for a situation are not "allowed" to change the out come. I do wish you would post this to this to the management team who can make the adjustments necessary. Players on the game are paying for "time". When an unreasonable amount of "technical down time" is done on the company's part credit should be due to its customer. Services are not being meet that players have paid for. I think this is why so many players are getting so upset. I would be much wiser to make the credits instead of loosing so many long term customers, from the comments I have read. Thank you for your time and I hope to be able to play soon...TODAY.
Everyone is failing to see the real problem here BO2 came out last night, theres ur answer and im starting to kick my self for not getting it lol..... Take all the time u want I like an excuse to play whn my wife gets home, "honey im gonna play for a bit severs were done than ill make dinner muah." she spends time with the kids and i spend time with my favorte kids lol jk
stopped at 99 comeon guys!

For entertainment purposes only, when I get bored I watch this the guy who made this is a genius, and when blizz puts out a extension they should attach a movie for us to watch while waiting.

11/13/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Sturgis
2nd week in a row. SWTOR will be F2P soon. If not already.

oh, and THERE is a worthwhile game...

ffs, tuesday has been maintenance day since 2004. people need to turn off their greedy little whiner engines and do something productive on the day that they KNOW is dedicated to maintenance.

but SWOTR is f2p, so you can go play that stagnant content that was offered on a console 3 years ago and hasn't changed. they will NEVER have server maintenance since Lucas !@#$%^- huggers are the only ones that put up with never getting anything new
It's beginning to look a lot like Classic
Ev'rywhere you go;
Take a look in the news and they're extending once again
With forum rage and moods about to blow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Classic!
Extended maintenance in store
But the prettiest sight to see is the servers that will be
Up and running (after three or four).

Sha drops boots; We pvp like brutes
It's the wish of Allies and Horde;
Scrubs that will talk and pros that will mock,
Trolls falling laughing to the floor;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start once more.
It's beginning to look a lot like Classic
Ev'rywhere you go;
There's a message in the news, one in the forums as well,
The poor kind that will bring rage and hell.
It's beginning to look a lot like Classic;
Soon the raids will start,
And the thing that will make them run is when the maintenance is done
So Blizzard find it in your heart!

Oh wow; the amount of QQ on this thread is staggering. Get some air once in a while, ladies and gentlemen. You may not realize it, but 24 days of downtime in a year is a very VERY small price to pay for stable servers the rest of the year. And the money you're paying to play already takes that time into account. Consider it from this point of view: If you got your 24 days of play time and guaranteed perfect servers/service; you'd likely be paying upwards of $40 a month since that is what it would take to get the man-power to accomplish your request.

See, I can throw numbers out as facts too. The point is, Be happy we have such a wonderful game that you want to play it and that you are upset when it's not there. Be thankful that WoW is this fun and understand that it is because of the maintenance.
"Where's the love?'
Build me a bank account please. Deposit 1 cent for every ten minutes I experience down time.
Dear Blizz,
Please make sure you reimburse the whiners their entire .04 cents for the extra two hours of maintenance today. Although you have been doing maintenance on Tuesdays for years now with us knowing there is a chance it'll be extended, some players still feel compelled to come to the forums and cry about losing game time. Unfortunately, some players just don't have anything else to do with their time, so the six normal hours of maintenance already kills them. What were you thinking when you decided to add two hours to it?

^^^Love this!! <3

Unfortunately I couldn't find who posted this so I have to quote yours.

So much WPS (Whine per Sec).

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