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I guess a friendly bump to help you guys out since Blizzard doesn't care
I've gone through three GMs and they still won't give me any charms :( This makes me a sad panda.
A multitude of tickets and forums posts and still no compensation. I think it's been over two weeks for me? Pretty saddening that us paying customers weren't appreciated enough to even receive honest answers from the majority of the customer support team. I think it's pretty despicable on blizzards part to not take care of their paying customers that sustain all of the hard work and content they put out. It was their mistake. They should fix it properly.
Yeah, guess I can't send anymore tickets about this because I only got locked out to 1 boss, when APPARENTLY you needed to be locked out of most of them to get coins.
I don't plan on seeing anything either. I was locked out of the first boss of the second half and put in a ticket. Got the basic response of blah blah yes we know blah blah we are working on fixing it.

But now every time I go into LFR I keep getting empty mail from the Postmaster saying they recovered an item. Yet it must be invisible because there is never any item. I was told it was a bug.
12/01/2012 07:39 AMPosted by Nakotsu
I have an update for characters that experienced this issue. Those characters have been given two Elder Charms of Good Fortune. Those charms will be added the next time those characters login.

why not just give them the 28g right now... or are these special elder charms that guarantee something that you should be able to use and something for your spec.

Quit trollin, you're bad at it.
Still no charms, and still nothing being done.
Still waiting.
Same here still nothing. And I was locked to 5/6 bosses in hof and only killed 1 boss and died on amber shaper so completely lost out on 4/6 chances on loot. But besides that the chance to get sigils was lost too
So I guess we can assume now that since Blizzard is pretending this never happened a lot of us are just going to have to settle with being screwed? That's nice, a couple of elder tokens that are, at best, a chance of a reward and they are worth more than customer satisfaction.
I saw a photo of a monkey in a suit with a blizzard logo on the wall in the background throwing piles of its own crap at a board and where the turd landed is what blizzard did. Judging by the 50 different responses we've been given over this I'd say there is either more than one monkey throwing poop at a board to make decisions or nobody at blizzard HQ is paying attention anymore to the where the monkey turds have been landing.

If you're gonna screw us, just come out and say so. If you don't have the slightest idea how to give elder tokens to everyone who got shafted by a bug that only went live because you can't get through a Tuesday maintenance without breaking something major, just say so. Don't lie to us, don't ignore us, its all we ask.
My issue has not been resolved.
I'm assuming you guys didn't get your tokens still? Did you guys give up?
Yea, still no tokens. I'll probably keep checking back on this thread but I'm accepting the fact that Blizzard isn't treating everybody equally.

Disappointed but what can ya do. Talked with several GM's and several people that I've been escalated to. Done as much as I can on my end and it's just not worth my time any more.

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