Rate the warlock name above you.

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Very fitting for an undead warlock. I imagine you using cannibalize on fallen alliance you've just killed.
Since there is nothing else to do...

4/10. Not very warlocky, Meat will clog your arteries, and FBI Spyware is bad.
I don't get it.
I like it
Makes me think of clay, and has a special character, 2/10
7/10 I like duck duck goose and is fitting, I don't like actual words in names :(
Like the nox, don't like the Ae.
11/14/2012 05:15 PMPosted by Aenox
7/10 I like duck duck goose and is fitting, I don't like actual words in names :(

But duck and goose are actual words that you would prefer in a name. Hmm...

8/10, original, and sounds fitting for a warlock.
I doubt I'll get high rating for my name, but understand that names can have a significance to the person who has that name.

I give you 8/10, because I can see your name with a fitting title after it:

Xancath, Herald of Doom.

Sounds like a good warlock name.

EDIT: lol I'll add another one for the post that is actually above mine (at the time of writing, Xancath was above me).

8/10 for DotDotDerp, because it gave me a chuckle, especially since I can see Fire mages and affliction locks fitting into that style.
@ Anathema

Going to have to give you a 7/10. A good name, and special props for getting it without special characters, but on par for a warlock name. Though if an appropriate title is along with it, I could see maybe a higher score.
9/10 - Shatterbolt. I like it :)
8/10 Strayed, not bad at all!
7/10 Pretty decent
Sort of like a angry, violent, murdering Goldilocks. I like it. 7/10

Sounds deadly.
and reapergoeth

2/10 Douevenglyph. Name does not really put the fear into me...sounds like the name of a Gnome.
Not bad, does it sound like cruel or cru-eel?

Either way, 8/10
It sounds like cru-eel

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