My potions are not selling.

New to the whole AH game and I gotta say, I'm starting off in the red. I can't get my Potions of Mogu Power, Focus, or Luck to sell in my AH.

Any tips on how to make money off Alchemy other than xmutes, or on how to make my potions more appealing to buyers other than spamming /2?
Potions are not in high demand. Potion of Luck is the only one that *might* have a market, but it's generally regarded as not being worth the price.

Flasks can turn a nice profit if you have Elixir mastery. I tend to buy Golden Lotus Thursday-Monday, and then sell all my flasks Tues-Wed for the raiders. Do fairly well at it, but then I've not been in that market for long.
Try Potion of Jade Serpent. Fire Mages can use them together with their Alter Time CD to put out massive burst DPS. Plus, they last only 25 seconds so they'll need to buy a number of them.
Use mote of harmony's to buy Golden Lotus and Sell Flasks, you should be a elixir master and hopefully 1 or 2 will double.. I have one triple the other day.. Sold all 3 for 175G each

Potions don't sell!
Potions are best sold in trade chat, or to guildmasters supplying their raid. It costs way too much to list them on the AH, if you don't sell then they just wasted a huge chunk of gold.
yeah i only see successful potion masters as part of progression raiding guilds.

potions are sadly unused by the general populace; only those looking to get an edge frequently use them.

i do, however, like to keep a good stock of alchemist's rejuvenation potions. especially since green tea leaves are cheaper than dirt.

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