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hi guys i need advice i want to get the download for the game for my friend but im not sure how to do it, ive sent him the free 10days for now but im not sure how i go about doing the full game for him plz help :)

thx guys
You give him monies, then he pays and downloads them from his account.

Alternatively, you go out and buy CDs for him, and he installs them.
cant buy the cds were in the uk and i dont like the eu sever and we are not in the same town so its not like i can just give him the cash x
Well unless you want to log onto his account and buy it yourself with your credit card. Then he can later download the full game client.
I believe there is a way to gift World of Warcraft game, expansions and even gametime, pets or mounts
Tell him to make a account. You should be able to gift him the game to his Battlenet account.

I think
ok thx guys very much i will try doing that x
When you're on the Blizzard Store page for what you're attempting to purchase for your friend, you should see a box that says, "Digital Download", and these words:

Select this option to purchase digitally for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Digital products are available immediately after purchase.

From there, the instructions are pretty straight forward. =)
You just figured out Blue's Clues.
fab crithto ty very much :))) x x x
Don't forget to buy them two game cards as well so you get a wonderful flying 2 person mount.
Friends don't let friends play wow, not since CRZ.

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