Left-over Tiller Gifts

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Is there any use for these gifts after all the NPCs are best friend status?

I notice that you can still loot the nodes, and I also get them now-and-then harvesting crops, but none of the NPCs will take them now and they aren't sellable.
I'd hang on to them at least until 5.1 drops.
They made the Lesser Charms currency and perhaps they'll do the same with tiller gifts if they have any further plans for them.
Are you sure you're best friends with every one? The nodes should become unlootable at that point.

Yes, you still get them from harvesting, and you just have to manually delete them because they're not usable or sellable
Yeah, he's definitely Best Friends with all of them. Just look at his Armoury. What surprises me is that he managed to do that before reaching Exalted with the Tillers.
At your farm it is possible for these gifts to drop when you harvest your crops. Don't know what the drop percentage is.

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