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Usually I'm the sort of person who will spin this into a roleplay story and tack on a few recruitment idealisms afterward, but I figured that this time I'd just get straight to the point.

A few days ago, there was a meeting between various individuals who were interested in working together to form an all-draenei roleplay guild that would eventually venture into both the PvE and the PvP aspects of the game. We would accept only those willing to help start and level the guild from the ground up and enjoy watching our hard work blossom into a success while building core relationships with our guild members during this period of time.

I was asked to help co-found this guild, and so with the help of Ishmae the <Light of Azuremyst> was born. Here's the deal with us:

1) We are roleplay oriented FIRST. Eventually we will get to the PvE and PvP sides of this game but we are together to share and enjoy draenei roleplay.

2) We are draenei only. While this should have been obvious, we have had a few individuals try to troll. Consider this an early message that we don't have time to answer those who wish to troll and will simply ignore you.

3) If you cannot handle building a guild from the ground up without any perks to start, then we are probably not for you at the moment. While Blizzard has managed to give us a hand in increasing how quickly you can level your guild simply by leveling, it will take a mass effort to push to level 25.

If you wish to have more information or simply are curious as to what we are about, find any member of the Light of Azuremyst online.

Thank you all for your time.
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those who wish to troll and will simply ignore you.

What if it's a Draenei Troll?

10/25/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Ruvin
those who wish to troll and will simply ignore you.

What if it's a Draenei Troll?


Then, sir.....

We shall have to exorcise you.

Bump for a successful start. Some statistics:

6 members in the first two days.

96% to level 2.

Again, we are seeking all draenei roleplayers interested in doing future PvE/PvP events and who do not mind building something from the ground up. Find any Light of Azuremyst member online.

If you can't find one of us, feel free to message me ingame and I will return your letter as soon as I am able to.

Another update:

We have reached level two and have gained a few more members.

Just a bump to get this back to page one.
Another update:

We have reached level 3.

We are up to 13 members.

We are still recruiting any and all roleplaying draenei to join our family. Again, if you are interested and wish for an invite, please seek out any Light of Azuremyst member today.
Good luck to you guys, it sounds like a great concept. I mean this. From the bottom of my hollowed out soul.

@ Naeun: Keep us posted, old friend. We'll be on the lookout for you.

@ Bonethugs: Thank you for the kind words, sir.

We had our first roleplay meeting today and it turned out to be a success. We are steadily growing as both a guild and a family.

Bump back to the top.

Since my last update, we have surpassed level 4 and are now level 5.
Hey this is fantastic, I'm glad to see this going. I hadn't yet seen an all draenei guild. I always run my draenei with the Smalls. :)

Updating to say we are now LEVEL 6! Please join us tomorrow for our 2nd annual Veterans Day Memorial Bike Rally.

I've been asked if you can still attend even if you do not have a bike, and the answer is YES. Just show some racial pride and mount up on your race mount.

Bumping! The guild is gaining members, and apart from some unclassiness the parade yesterday was a success. Please continue to join us as we host more roleplay events and continue to grow as Emerald Dream's premiere Draenei only guild.

Y on pg2?


Update to say we are now level 7!

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