Prot pally addons, any recommendations?

Any prot pallies out there want to share some of the addons they use? Managing cooldowns and such, etc..

Would be much appreciated, thanks!
Power Auras, TellMeWhen, and Weak Auras are good ones. I haven't used them, sadly. :|

I personally use Vuhdo to make sure my RF and SoI is on. It also helps me track my SS a bit.

Omen, DBM, and Recount are recommended as well.

A lot of my addons are more UI (Bartender, Fortexorcist, Mikscrolling, etc).
Ahh, ok. I have DBM and Recount, ive never been able to figure out how to use TellMeWhen, it never works for me.. lol

Thanks tho ill experiment with some others
I forgot two more. Tidy Plates and Threat Plates. Definitely get those too.

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