CONFLUX roster changes: LF1M HEALER for 5.2!

Area 52
10 Man Raiding + More!
All Heirlooms unlocked.

The guild is ready for you ;)

Update 4.0

So holy !@#$ has it been quite the tier for us. We went from a 170th realm Normal: Stone Guard kill to a realm 16th Heroic: Will kill. Quit the feat for us and a well deserved Feat of Strength that will mean more than any other achievement we receive this tier (T14). We're nearing 5.2's release and we our goal is a top 5 ranking on the realm with our 3 day schedule. We stream from multiple PoVs unlike your average porno, also in higher quality. Hope to see you guys around!

Raid: 7pm-11pm EST (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) NEW PROGRESSION SCHEDULE!
Heroic: MSV
(Stone Guards, Feng, Gara'jal, Four Kings, Elegon, Will)

Heroic: HoF
4/6 (Imperial Vizier, Blade Lord, Garalon, Windlord)


Healer w/ DPS OS: R:Druid, MW Monk, Holy/Disc Priest
PST me for more info. :)

Heroic: Stone Guards:
Heroic: Feng:
Heroic: Gara'jal:
Gara'jal despawned, so we used a raider's picture for a replacement model

Heroic: Four Kings:
Heroic: Elegon:
Heroic: Will of the Emperor:

Heroic: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok:
Heroic: Blade Lord:
Heroic: Garalon:

Raid Roster:
Zumoo, Astromint, Flawlen, Drezkali, Åine, Stacksondeck, Sealsnwheels, some Asian mage that is legit as it gets.
Ermahgerd. We totally killed two bosses.

Looking to fill 1 more healing spot and 1 ranged DPS.
Still looking for one more solid healer.

I'll show you a sexy time, I promise. I have a webcam.
Went 4/6 and 1/6 looking for a new healer!
To the top we go.
Bamping like a bamf.
I still want a Resto Druid, that actually knows how to play because Trade is full of bads.
still looking uppppppppppppppppppp
Still looking for a healer?
Too the roof baby.
Have been considering a move to an East Coast server.. Still looking ? I logged out in balance.. I am 100% resto =)
11/13/2012 11:09 AMPosted by Waraína
Have been considering a move to an East Coast server.. Still looking ? I logged out in balance.. I am 100% resto =)

sry bbyz :[

We has a new resto druid now. <3
We're now recruiting new friends and those who want to start a second group! Looking for a raid leader for a second 10man!
Still looking :D
Bamf imo. Pretty solid group with drunk intentions and no direction.
Send me to the top.
and. away. we. go.
Now looking for that melee brah.

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