CONFLUX roster changes: LF1M HEALER for 5.2!

Area 52
Updated information :)

Looking for new members!
I want more people to talk behind these fools back while raiding. ;)
Completed 4/4 ToES. Starting Heroic MSV and clearing up HoF.

Looking for more fine lookin people to tag along with us in our guild :)
I want you

to want

be my friend?
For justice.
Bamp :)

Looking for new friends to join up!
You interested in a rogue for that secondary? 6/6 5/6, still green but ambitious for ToE.
I was expecting a prettier website :( free bump
01/17/2013 04:08 PMPosted by Guschigginz
I was expecting a prettier website :( free bump

Your opinion is being take into consideration and Unicorns are soon to be added.

Gara'jal down. *boop*
Still recruiting casual friends :)

Easy now, my fuzzy little man peach. You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?

Four Kings:
Guild website updated again.

Uploaded a couple kill videos. Still recruiting new casual members :)
Rainbows are welcome here of all flavorz
Currently looking for Hunter, Rouge, or Mage.

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