Level 80 Twink Guild Recruiting on KT! (A)

Hello old server,
I understand that Not So Obsolete is dead now and you still have quite a few 80 twinks on this server looking for the WoLK experience again. lemme introduce me and my guild...

<Twink Nation> (25) of Kel'Thuzad alliance is currently recruiting all 80 twinks for our upcomming guild raids/RBGs/premade bg's. With 200 members we are now the largest and most progressive 80 twink guild with 11/12 icc25 heroic mode downs! this has made us the top 80 twink guild post-mop!

----Full on: Tanks,healers, Could use: 3 dps ---

--- Accepting all 80 twinks ---

Our intentions for this guild is to be come one of the more successful level 80 twink guilds by progression and popularity in battlegrounds. starting RBG's (against other 80 twink guilds) and premade battlegrounds.

---- Need More Info on us? ---VISIT OUR WEBSITE! or feel free to armory us! http://Twinknation.guildomatic.com I am looking forward to all you people who are interested in 80 twinking!Thanks! -

Ci - Guild Master of Twink Nation
Bump! still growing and bigger then ever!
tempted to realm transfer cant find a single twink on this realm :(
Still recruiting? A buddy and I might be interested in rolling new chars and playing there for a change of pace!
Would you be interested in forming a sister guild? I am the guild master of <<The Pride>> we have about 100 members and normally around 8-12 thinks on at a time.... Getting to the point, I think it best if we could work together (using real I'd) to cross server bgs, arenas, and raid.
I had a toon in Twink Nation. It appears as though the guild has been disbanded.
I am a multi rank 1 player on my main. I am transferring over to KT right now.

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