Login server busy 11/1

Customer Support
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Update - 10:39 PDT: This issue has been resolved. Please try logging in once again.

Update - 10:28AM PDT: We continue to work to resolve the issue affecting login servers.

We're aware and looking into reports from players receiving "The login server is currently busy" when attempting to log in to the game. We currently don't have an ETA for when this will be resolved. We'll provide updates as they become available to us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
You broke my heart.
But my wow
much appreciated.
alraight thank you
im not sure that you understand us we have no patience you know this
man we were doing so well on getting to 100 ages in under an hour. guess we have to start over here now. :/
Which is faster? Speed of Light, or the speed at which trolls post?
Then can we get any form of compensation? i mean we pay for the game that we all love to play and yet we get maintenance after maintenance and busy login server after busy login server
"The login in Server is currently busy. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Technical Support at: "[http:us.blizzard.com/index.xml?gameId=11&RootCategoryId=2316]"

Just to be accurate.
I login....to no effect?!?!?
its every single day like for real we pay $15 amonth we should be able to play when we want
are you guys gunna refund us our money since its every single day we have this issue
11/01/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Pastaface
im not sure that you understand us we have no patience you know this

Let's make it a drinking game! Each post that says, "I am having same issue" we take a shot!
Damn got derailed from the prior thread =(
why are you thanking me for being patient I am not being patient... thank you for ignoring us and not giving us any information
Patience and Understanding are two things im fresh out of, and its on backorder =P KIDDING! thanks for the update!
Well then! Wonder what issues tomorrow will bring ^.^
Oh I love the updates that say no ETA.
/takes tally of who QQs more, alliance or horde

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