Login server busy 11/1

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This same thing happened to me Tuesday before the restart, and when the servers restarted i was able to log in.
Price of a World of Warcraft subscription..... 15 dollars.
Price of a Mists of Pandaria game expansion 40 dollars.
Price of your soul... Priceless (or at least 50k gold)
11/01/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Ponpon
Off to reddit. :)
I wonder how much more traffic they get when Wows down
a pirate server is going better.. with less maintenance
I can't play World of Dailies right now? whats going on?
Reboot me thinks
omg i hope u fix this fast seriously..
we still get days free look at ur bills every once in a while there is a free day on there they just dont tell you about it
Hi, I'm having issues logging in as well. Hopefully this issue will be addressed soon!
blizz why don't you take some of that 100,000,000 /mo and buy a new login server that works ?
selling frostweave x20 for 200g pst me
are we there yet!!!
Who let the hampsters out?
Someone call the Geek Squad..Halp!!!
why is it every singe friggin expansion you people add more and more bugs? this exact same bug has happend in the passed, and now again...... its very very erritating.
Lol this always happens when Im in the middle of dailies on my hunter or arenas.
ruined ma day

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