Login server busy 11/1

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Ohh look another problem. We need more maintenance this week apparently.
11/01/2012 09:33 AMPosted by Drventure
10million people loose 6 cents for a few hours of downtime huh that is around $60,000.00 so they are making great profit from that measly few cents.

You fail to see the big picture, your paying for it anyway so it doesn't matter. When you sleeping your not playing...so then maybe blizz should refund everyone when they are sleeping lol you pay for the support get over it. If you don't like it then go play a free game where the support is horrible
It happened yesterday too.
11/01/2012 09:39 AMPosted by Totemtrollin
time to watch the new naruto!

YAHOOO!!!! thats the way to do things.

that IS the way to do things :p
11/01/2012 09:30 AMPosted by Goyan
don't make me be productive Blizzard!

The house is clean! Wow must be down. LoL

I need to stop trolling now.
Are you kidding me Blizzard..this is getting quite annoying already! For a game that millions of us pay 15$ a month for we should have much better service.
I pay to play this game.

Logging on later won't happen since i'll be at work.

Should I stop paying to not play this game? I think yes.

11/01/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Exiledmage
Lol that's what they said about Swtor, and how many other MMO's? Nothing will $&^* all over wow unless it's another Blizzard game. Learn this please
11/01/2012 09:39 AMPosted by Imizael
/dry humps

I take your /dryhumps and raise you a /dryheave
Thanks for the quick response, lets me know it's not just me, and that you're working on it :D
are you serious what do u expect me to do with all this time on my hands play league? ive been playing mop so long i get owned in that game, If i go outside i fear it because they're no respawn points in RL... what do i do blizz tell me
Oh my. Last night I couldn't transfer servers because battle.net was down. Now I can't do it because I can't log in to check my mail.

It is amusing, though, reading the comments. It is like junkies being denied their drug ;)
This page is exploding faster than the first one! xD
i can login now !!!
11/01/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Arasis
im running out of patients i dont play alot damn it so i shouldnt have trouble playing when i get to. please hurry up!!!!!!! lol just kidding but really hurry up.

you a doctor bro?

hahahaha, nice one
Some people have been having this problem for a day or two now you should have already had this fixed
So I will wait till 12 EST, then I am start throwing pies around! And trust me it will get ugly blizzard if you dont fix this till then

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