Login server busy 11/1

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I'm playing wow. I just logged in. Thanks blizzard!
the WoW forums explode, shattering the molds.
Have this problem too Grrrrrr!!!!
preeeeetttyyy sure i just surpassed the guiness record for most times attempting to log in to something....
Thanks for the update
Why do they do maintenance in the morning (for most of us) anyway. They cant get techs to work the nightshift for the convenience of 10 million subscribers?
I want a pony.
11/01/2012 09:30 AMPosted by Playdoh
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

┬─┬ノ( º u ºノ) It's okay.
Oh my. Last night I couldn't transfer servers because battle.net was down. Now I can't do it because I can't log in to check my mail.

It is amusing, though, reading the comments. It is like junkies being denied their drug ;)

Man, I just need a little more panda. Just enough to get through the day, y'know? C'mon, don't Bogart the good stuff!
"We will be performing scheduled maintenance on select realms Wednesday, 10/31/2012. Realm maintenance is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM Pacific Time and is expected to last about 2 hours."

Guess the trick was on us, it's today :)
How to fix Login Server: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PywI0BOxJpI&feature=related
11/01/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Medearn
We're still looking into things and hope to have an update soon. Apologies for the frustration, but please keep discussion civil.

are you cereal? you better not be Trixin' me!
Guys, blizz just messaged. They're moving their capacity to Diablo 3 to combat error 37.
11/01/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Quantuym
blizz why don't you take some of that 100,000,000 /mo and buy a new login server that works ?

agreed sigh
11/01/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Pue
ok blizz f you n f your mom i want my money back you people obviously dont know how to run n mmorpg runescape has better servers then you and you can jump from realm to realm at the click of your mouse and they had that since day one gimme my money back ill ship you your stupid game discs n codes back this is worthless

Bye cya, enjoy Runescape LOL
I don't believe the fact that its necessary to complain about the VERY LITTLE amount of money we are paying, but I do think that it's their responsibility to keep this running and they're bad at it. Therefore, what could be wrong with some sort of compensation? SMD blizzard
I pay to play this game.

Logging on later won't happen since i'll be at work.

Should I stop paying to not play this game? I think yes.

Can I has your gold?

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